Should I Install a Wall Outlet Safe?

not a wall outlet safeThink about it; a wall outlet safe actually looks like a wall outlet. So no one would think to look there for your valuables. A conventional safe, however, is a different matter. It stands out as an easy target for a burglar or friendly neighborhood thief. You may prefer to do without the stress of having a large showy safe. Therefore, it’s no surprise that wall outlet safes are getting more popular.

How does a wall outlet safe work?

Like we stated above, a wall outlet safe looks like a regular wall outlet. It is made of cheap plastic and is easily available online or in local retail stores.

It is simple to install and safe because there is NO electricity involved. The outlet safe should be installed like a normal electrical outlet in strategic parts of the room. Once installed, you can open the safe to stuff your cash, jewelry, or other portable valuables and close the outlet safe right back. Another good news is, you can have as many as you like or need.

Steps to install your wall outlet safe

Tools needed are drywall saw, pencil, and the wall outlet safe kit.

Unpack the kit and read any instructions that follow.

Use the outlet template to trace out an outline on the wall in your chosen location. Make sure the distance from the floor to the outlet is the same as the other real outlets in the room.

Use the drywall saw or any saw that comes with the kit to cut around the outline, creating a space for the outlet safe.

Place the outlet safe in the wall and make sure the flanges on the sides lock against the drywall; precisely at its front. This holds the safe in the correct position.

Next, close the safe by fitting the cover plate with the fake receptacle over the opening. Push the screw into the center of the safe from behind.

There will be a key in the kit that you would use at this time to turn the screw clockwise until it locks into place.

If your wall outlet safe is in an open location, consider plugging in an appliance or dummy charger to make the safe or outlet look as real as other working outlets.

You can reach out to us at the Electric Connection anytime for advice on choosing the right wall outlets safe or any electrical needs.