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Why Do Your Lights Flicker When Your AC Unit Turns On?

air conditioning unitYou’ve probably noticed that your lights momentarily grow dim whenever you turn on your AC Unit. Have you ever wondered why? If you haven’t then you are not alone; several people also experience the same thing. It’s very easy to get used to such things when they happen ever so often but in today’s article, we’d take a look at the reason your lights flicker when you turn on the AC.

Should I Be Worried That My Lights Flicker When I Turn On The AC?

It shouldn’t be a problem if the lights go out for only a few seconds when the air conditioner kicks on. The initial power draw of a high-energy gadget, such as a modern air conditioner, can use up a lot of energy. This can reduce the brightness of your lights.

A flickering light is a common electrical response to a power interruption or diversion, and should not be cause for alarm. However, there could be a number of factors that can make the lights go out.

Lights that gradually fade in brightness, flash on and off often, or only dim on some circuits could be an indication of a more serious electrical problem.

In what situations should you seek expert help, and what are the more serious concerns that you may encounter?

You Have A Faulty Capacitor
Your AC unit’s compressor motor needs a little extra jolt of electricity to get going, and your capacitor serves this purpose by acting as a battery.

However, your capacitor’s storage capacity might degrade as time passes. If the lights dim by 30–40% whenever the air conditioner kicks on, you may have a faulty capacitor.

If the capacitor isn’t able to supply enough power to the compressor, the air conditioner will resort to pilfering power from other devices to kick into gear. Perhaps the lights are dimming because your air conditioner is using too much of the available power.

There Are Loose/Damaged Wire Connections
Do your lights instantly turn off and on when you turn on your air conditioner? Potentially frayed or damaged wires in the electrical system could be the culprits to blame. Sometimes, the reason your lightbulb is experiencing some electric current loss is because of a damaged or loose cable.

When you include the voltage drop that occurs when your air conditioner first turns on, the current loss could be enough to temporarily make your lights dim or even flicker.

Your Electric Circuit Is Overloaded
When circuits are overused, problems arise. Overloading your circuits can cause the breaker to trip or the air conditioner to make buzzing noises. Remove any appliances from the same circuit as your air conditioner if you see any of these warning indicators. As a result, fewer fires and shocks will occur.

Your Home’s Electrical Wiring Is Outdated
There may be a decrease in energy supply to your home’s appliances, including lights, if the wiring is old, damaged, or otherwise not up to par. Turning on the air conditioner will consume a sizable portion of the available electrical current, leaving less for other uses.

You should have an electrician and HVAC technician to take a look at your system if you suspect a wiring problem. The Electric Connection is your go-to residential electrical servicing and installation company if you need further information on why your lights flicker with the AC on.