3 Ways to Make Your Fridge Cost Less by Pasadena Electrician

blog_fridgeIt is always nice to have a little extra change in your pocket. Sometimes, when the cost to buy gas or groceries always seems to be going up, it can be tough to find that change. You could start cutting down on your electric bill by following these handy tips from your Pasadena electrician. Every extra dollar helps and by making your refrigerator a little more energy efficient, you will be doing something good for your checking account and the environment. The team at The Electric Connection wants to help you and is ready to answer any questions you may have.

1-Do what you can to keep your refrigerator as full as possible. Don’t be so quick to toss out the little bit of milk in the jug to clear out some space. Space takes more electricity to cool. A full fridge will maintain its temperature better than an empty fridge.

2-Avoid putting the toaster microwave, coffee pot and if at all possible, the oven next to the fridge. You want to limit the heat near your fridge. If you are heating it up from the outside, it will make the fridge work that much harder to keep cold. If you need to move your fridge, considering hiring an electrician. Pasadena residents who want to renovate their kitchen to keep the fridge away from the hot appliances will need an additional outlet.

3-Make sure there is a couple inches between the wall and the back of your fridge. Keep the coils dusted. Lint, cobwebs and dust will clog up the filters on the refrigerator and make it have to run more often and work harder to function properly. Keep it regularly maintained and you will extend the life of the appliance and reduce your electricity usage.

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