How Long Can A Pasadena House Rewire Take?

pasadena town hallWhen it becomes necessary to rewire your Pasadena house, you might have several questions about the project. One of the first things homeowners want to know is how long the house rewire takes. It’s important to know this, especially because of the disruptive nature of the project.

What happens during a house rewire?

A rewiring project involves replacing damaged or old wiring in the home with new and updated wiring. If you’re extending or renovating your home, you will need both new wiring and improvement on the existing wiring.

Depending on your specific needs the Pasadena house rewire can also involve upgrading your electrical panel and new installations.

The project is messy and involves two stages. In the first stage, old cables and wiring are removed and new ones installed. The second stage is where everything is properly fitted and made live.

Full home rewires usually happen when the house is empty. But for some homeowners, it’s preferable to stay in one room while the work goes on in other rooms.

At the end of a rewiring project in your Pasadena home, you will have a reliable electrical system that can serve your needs as a modern home.

How long can a house rewire take?

Several factors affect how long a house rewire may take. They include:

  1. Scope of work – Rewiring may mean changing your electrical wiring for a new one, but the scope of work often differs for every home. If you live in an old home, you might need an electrical panel upgrade, new installations like changing outlets, GFCI, and so on. Even for modern homes, an electrical panel upgrade can become necessary for higher capacity. Faulty electrical components will also be repaired during a house rewire. So these make up the scope of work that influences how much work is to be done plus how long it would take.
  2. Will you stay in the home during the project? – A Pasadena house rewire can move much faster if you vacate the home during the project. Staying in the home means the electrician will have to restore power every night or even while working in the day. It’s a bit more stressful having to limit the work environment during rewiring and this can slow down the work.
  3. Size of the property – A single room rewire can be completed much faster than an entire house. Houses with smaller sizes also take less time than bigger houses to complete a full rewire.
  4. The number of contractors working – It takes more than one electrical contractor to complete a house rewire and the bigger the scope of work or size of your home, the more electrical contractors you’ll need. The number of electricians can affect how long the work takes. More electricians typically mean the project moves faster.

Other factors include time taken for preparation and so on. A full house rewire takes an average of 5-10 days or more to complete. Only your electrician who has seen the home and knows what is involved can give you a more specific time range for your project.

Pasadena House Rewire Tips

electrician pulling wires through wallIf you stay in your Pasadena house long enough – especially an old home – you will have to rewire sooner than later.

A house rewire comes with benefits that outweigh the complexity of the project.

It helps to reduce the risk of life or property in your Pasadena home, renew your electrical connections, and bring your home up to today’s electrical codes. Rewiring your home can even help you save on things like your home insurance premium, the electrical bill, and future electrical spending.

Here are some quick things to note about a Pasadena house rewire-

  • This project differs greatly from your usual electrical needs in that a house rewire usually takes a few days.
  • House rewiring is not a suitable DIY project because it’s complex and dangerous for inexperienced hands.
  • Within the time of your house rewire, different parts of the house will be without electricity.

Tips for rewiring your Pasadena home-

Upgrade the electrical panel

This might already be part of your house rewiring project, but if not, you should consider it. Upgrade your electrical panel to one with a larger capacity. This can save you money and the stress of actually doing it all over again in the long run. If your home is an old house, it might run on a 60amps panel which is dangerous and insufficient for a modern house needs. ‘

Upgrade to at least 100 amps but up to 200 amps is much better as a way of future-proofing your wiring.

Think months to years ahead.

House rewiring in Pasadena isn’t something you do often. Rewiring a home is only necessary under certain conditions that often take a long time. So it’s best to get it right now. Consider future-proofing your home by thinking ahead to appliances you might install with time. Homes are growing smarter if anything so, wiring for WI-FI, sound, lighting, pool, gadgets, and so on can be included. Discuss this with your electrician before the project starts.

Don’t hire just anyone

The electrician in Pasadena you hire will determine the success of the house rewire. For your safety and to get value for your money – because house rewires do cost significant sums – make sure you don’t hire just anyone.

Hire a licensed electrician who is recommended by others. Ensure that the electrical contractor is familiar with your case. If you live in an old home, hire someone who has rewired old homes. Get a detailed contract and proof of certifications like insurance before signing and paying the deposit.

Get the installations right

The electrician must include some basic installations during a house rewire. They include three-pronged outlets, GFCIs, and dedicated circuits. Don’t cut corners on these as they are relevant for your safety.

Figure out clean up

You will probably have a messy home on your hands after the house rewire. You can avoid this by planning ahead. Discuss with your electrician about clean-up as some contractors can make arrangements for that. If not, plan to either DIY or hire a cleaning team.


Ways to Save Money on Electric in Pasadena

save money apartment billsEveryone would like to save on the electric bill and if you live in Pasadena, it’s easier than you think. The Pasadena department of water and power offers various residential programs to help reduce those staggering bills while you enjoy a more energy-efficient home or building.

Here are some ways to save money on electricity in Pasadena;

  1. Use energy-efficient appliances

You can get efficiency rebates from the Pasadena department of water and power when you use energy-efficient equipment. For example, the PWP gives a $75 rebate if you buy a new refrigerator and $15 if the refrigerator is bought in Pasadena. Fridges over 4 years old are less efficient than new models, which are 25% better.

Similarly, you will receive $25 for buying a new, energy efficient dishwasher or $30 for a dishwasher that is Energy Star certified. Recent dishwashers can use 30% less water than their older counterparts.

Clothes washer rebates are as high as $300 from SoCal Water$mart and PWP when you use the right models. Aside from the rebates, a high-efficiency clothes washer can use 45% less power and 25% less energy than regular models.

Even toilets are not left out as you can receive a $100 rebate for replacing your regular toilet with a premium toilet, saving over $800 on your electric bill in Pasadena.

More juicy rebates also apply to your HVAC system, pool pump, insulation, sprinklers, laundry system, and so on.

  1. Develop a greener lifestyle

Thanks to technology, there are still various ways to save energy and go green. Electric cars are getting more popular by the day. According to the PWP, you will receive rebates anywhere from $250 – $1000 for purchasing EV vehicles, purchasing EV vehicles in Pasadena, or installing a standard EV charger.

More rebates also apply to buying appliances or green lifestyle tools like electric heat pump water heater, electric clothes dryer, electric ovens, electric pump clothes dryer, and using solar systems.

  1. Get in on low-income programs

Sometimes paying the bill can be tough and Pasadena offers low-income programs to help you save on the bill. The programs include monthly bill payment assistance, free home improvement services, energy savings assistance program, and more.

To benefit from any rebates or programs you would have to apply and make sure you meet the requirements.

Enforcing other tips in power use can also help you conserve energy and get a lower bill.

These include

  • Use LED lights.
  • Set your thermostat to low
  • Wash only when you have full loads
  • Use your microwave as an alternative to cooking.
  • Don’t over-dry clothes
  • Use appliances before 7pm more often.
  • Unplug appliances from the switch when not in use.
  • Call Pasadena electrician for an audit to see where you can save more power.

EV Charger Installation in Pasadena

pasadena ev chargerPasadena is famous for its New Year’s Day Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game. But like many other cities, Pasadena has its share of electric vehicle drivers.

Electric chargers are necessary to aid fueling of EVs with power. When you purchase an EV of your own, an electric charger installation becomes vital. There are three types of chargers to choose from for your installation.

  • Level 1 EV charger
    The level 1 EV charger makes use of a regular 120 volt AC electric circuit. Because this is often easily available, there’s no need for any additional installation. This charger works well at home or in a public space. The only drawback is its sluggishness.
  • Level 2 EV charger
    This charger comprises a 240/208 volt AC electric circuit. The 240 volts circuit is usually residential a circuit while the 208 volts circuit is commercial. To use this level 2 charger you would have to install a charging equipment and a dedicated circuit. It is an appealing option because it is significantly faster than a level 1 charger.
  • Level 3 DC Fast charger
    This is an extremely fast EV charger using a 480 volt AC electric circuit. You will need to install a special plug that is highly compatible with several chargers. The speed of this charger allows you to recoup as much as 80% of the battery used in 30 minutes.

Electricity Rates for EVs in Pasadena

Many utility companies in Pasadena offer EV time of use rates that help owners maximize charging hours at the times when electricity cost is lowest. This time is usually from midnight to 5 am. In the summer months in Pasadena, off-peak rates are often more than 50% cheaper than on peak rates which offer a great way to save on cost.

EV Charger Installation in Pasadena

EV charger installation should always be carried out by an electrician. EV charger installation in Pasadena can cost anywhere from $200 to $1000. The cost depends on the materials required, the location for the installation, and if a service panel upgrade is needed as well.

EV Charger Incentives in Pasadena

The PWP offers incentives for owners who install a Level 2 hardwired or wall-mounted charging station in any location including home or business place. A charging station enables customers to enjoy both faster and cheaper charging. The incentive offered by the PWP is the provision of a partial refund of up to $600 for residential customers and also up to $6000 for commercial customers.

If you’re looking for an EV charger installation in Pasadena, don’t hesitate to contact us! We make it easy to get a quote. Simply visit our EV charger quote form and fill out your information. You’ll receive a quote via email in minutes!

LED Lighting by Pasadena Electrician

Natural lighting is typically the lighting of choice in any room. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to have enough windows in a space to provide the natural light you need to make a room look bright and airy. Adding more light fixtures helps, but it can’t quite take the place of natural light. Most lightbulbs cast tinted colors in a room, depending on what kind you are using. An electrician in Pasadena suggests you try using LED bulbs to achieve the right amount of lighting. The team at The Electric Connection can take care of any new lighting fixture installations you may need to accommodate the bulbs.

LEDs, unlike the other energy efficient lighting choice, the CFL bulb, are a clear, bright light that is as close to natural light as you can get. Incandescent bulbs tend to cast a yellowish color while the CFL can cast blue hues. Now, you can buy daylight bulbs, but they are not going to be as bright as the LEDs. LEDs are extremely bright and clear says a Pasadena electrician.

One of the biggest benefits to going with the LED lights is the energy savings. This particular lighting choice only uses a fraction of the electricity that the other lighting options use. You get more light with about eighty percent less energy. Another benefit, is the LED lights are cooler, which is especially beneficial in the warm summer months. You can have your lights on and not worry about the light producing heat and making your AC work harder explains an electrician. Pasadena homeowners can expect to pay more at the store for the LED bulbs, but they last nearly twenty-five times longer. That means you will be buying less bulbs in the long run and making up for the cost. If you have any questions or would like new light fixtures installed, give The Electric Connection a call today.

Electrical Home Safety Checklist by Pasadena Electrician

It is a good idea to give your home an electrical inspection every month to identify any potential hazards. It doesn’t take a lot of time and can become a part of your normal routine once you know what you should be looking for. Often times, the signs of an electrical problem are in plain sight, but many people simply don’t know they are warning signs and they are ignored. Your electrician in Pasadena wants you to be safe and has a quick checklist for you to follow. If you would like an electrical inspection by a professional, you can call The Electric Connection.
1. Start by looking at every light switch in your home. This is fairly straightforward. Look at the wall surrounding the switch. If you observe browning around or on the switch plate, it is a problem. Look on the wall to see if there are any black streaks as well. Do this for every outlet cover in the home as well. It’s a good idea to even check the outlets that are covered by furniture explains a Pasadena electrician.
2. Turn on a light switch and listen closely. A humming sound or something that sounds like a bowl of Rice Krispies is a warning sign and the light or outlet should not be used. Turn off the breaker to stop all electricity from flowing to the potentially hazardous switch.
3. Are all switches and outlets working properly? A light fixture that doesn’t turn on, even with a new bulb could have an electrical short. Outlets that only work on occasion are also hazards.
4. Does an outlet feel loose or wiggle when you are plugging in appliances? This is another problem that needs to be immediately addressed by an electrician. Pasadena homeowners will want to stop using the outlet until it is fixed.

This quick checklist can catch a problem before it becomes a serious shock hazard or an electrical fire. Give The Electric Connection a call today to remedy your electrical issues.

Old Homes Need New Electric Panels Says Pasadena Electrician

Old homes are charming and full of beautiful features that attract many buyers. It is fun to take an old home and make it gorgeous again. One of the most important aspects of any of those old houses is making sure it is safe to live in. You may need to replace some rickety floor boards, fix a leaking roof and most importantly, have the electric panel checked out. A hundred years ago electricity was fairly new and the way it was brought into homes was not safe at all. Your Pasadena electrician, like those at The Electric Connection, can take a quick look at your old house and see what you need.
The most important part of any home is the electric panel. This is the main hub of electrical activity. Typically, an electrician in Pasadena can take a look at the panel and give you an idea of what you are dealing with. An entire home rewire may be necessary if the house has never been updated in the past several decades. If the house has been updated and the wiring is safe, but the panel is not enough to keep up with today’s electrical demands, you will need an upgrade.
Homes built more than twenty years ago were usually built with 100 or 120-amp service. That was enough back then to give a home plenty of electricity explains an electrician. Pasadena homeowners are sure to fine that is no longer enough. Today’s building standards generally include homes being built with 240-amp service to accommodate all the electricity a typical home needs. You don’t have to know what you have. All you need to do is give The Electric Connection a call and one of the techs can do an inspection and tell you what you have and what you will need to modernize the home.

Electric Panel 101 by Pasadena Electrician

You have probably seen it a hundred times, but how much do you really know about your home’s electric panel? If you are having some difficulties with the electric in your home, you probably know the electric panel is, because you have dealt with tripping breakers. So, just what does the electric panel mean to you? An electrician in Pasadena, like those at The Electric Connection, will give you a brief overview of an electric panel and why it may be time to upgrade your existing panel to prevent any further electrical problems in the home.

The electric panel is the main source of electricity for your home. It is the hub. The electricity flows from the main power pole outside into the electric panel. From there, one main breaker is used to essentially direct the flow of traffic to the many smaller breakers in the panel explains an electrician. Pasadena homeowners that seem to be tripping breakers likely have too little electricity coming in for their power needs. When the breaker trips, it is usually due to it being overloaded.

Having a Pasadena electrician install more breakers to help lighten the load on one particular breaker is an excellent option. An additional breaker can support additional outlets in a room that will keep one breaker from supporting all the electrical demands. However, in order to do this, there must be enough electricity coming in through the main breaker. If there isn’t, you will need to upgrade the panel to bring in more electricity from the outside pole. This is something that can be determined by an inspection. Give The Electric Connection a call today and have your electric panel inspection done to see what you can do to make your home a little more functional for you and your needs.

Replacing a Breaker by Pasadena Electrician

A tripping breaker can be a little annoying when you want to run the microwave the same you are running the dishwasher or the vacuum, but it could be a lot more than a simple annoyance. A breaker that trips regularly is tripping for a reason. It is something that deserves to be investigated more in depth by a trained electrician in Pasadena, like those at The Electric Connection.

There are plenty of reasons why a breaker will trip;

*Overloaded circuit is the most common cause. A circuit becomes overloaded when you try to draw too much electricity from the circuit. Most breakers tend to be about 20 amps. When you use several appliances at the same time, you will exceed that amperage and cause the breaker to overload and shut down explains a Pasadena electrician.

*A short is another reason. This is a serious hazard and anything that is plugged in should be immediately unplugged. A short generally occurs when the cord of the appliance that is plugged in is damaged in some way. A short can also happen if the circuit is interrupted due to water coming into contact with the appliance.

*A weak breaker can also trip for no real reason. If a breaker trips even when there is nothing in use or a single, low-amp appliance, it is a sign the breaker is weak.

If you have a breaker that is weak, it should be replaced by an electrician. Pasadena homeowners who have an electric panel with breakers that are more than 15 years old may notice this is an issue. The best option is to have a professional inspect the panel and the troublesome breakers. From there, you will learn whether or not you need to replace the breakers. If you have any questions about a problem breaker you have, give The Electric Connection a call today.

Bad Outlets by Pasadena Electrician

Electrical outlets are so common in a house, they can be easy to overlook. Because we all know how important electricity is to our daily lives, it makes sense you would want to make sure it is there when you need it. You also want to make sure it is safe. Electricity is a necessity, but it is risky when not used properly or when the wiring moving the electricity through the house is damaged or faulty. It isn’t all that uncommon to come across a bad outlet in a home explains an electrician. Pasadena homeowners can rely on the professional team at The Electric Connection to take care of any bad outlets around the house.

There are a few key signs you need to know so you can identify a faulty outlet before it becomes a serious problem.

1. Black streaks that shoot up the wall or down are a bad sign. If possible, turn off the breaker to the outlet and call an electrician in Pasadena to replace the outlet right away. An outlet that has these streaks can cause a fire whether there is anything plugged in or not.
2. If you smell burning wires, which tends to have a metallic, rubber smell, cut power to the outlet and call for service.
3. If an outlet doesn’t work at all, it is likely because the wires have either become disconnected or have no electricity running to them. Both are bad signs and need attention.
4. Snapping, crackling or other sounds coming from within the wall where the outlet is placed could be a sign of slow burning. Cut the power and get a Pasadena electrician to take a look at the wiring.
5. Outlets that are loose and wiggle need to be securely fastened to keep the wires from jiggling loose and possibly sparking a fire.

If you have noticed any of these signs, give The Electric Connection a call to take care of the problem for you.