5 Signs Your House is Ready for New Wiring

new wiring homeHome wiring is something many homeowners often forget to consider with other home maintenance issues. This is not strange because home electrical wiring is usually tucked away behind the walls. Hence, as long as your outlets work and the lights come on, you won’t be thinking about the wiring behind it all.

Contrary to this, it is vital that homeowners place more importance on the status of their electrical wiring. The reasons why doing this is vital are:

  • Home wiring provides electricity to the home, and a fault could mean an inefficient or unreliable electrical system.
  • Faulty wiring is the most common cause of home electrical fires, which can lead to the loss and destruction of lives and property.

Thankfully, you can avoid being a victim of either of these situations. Electrical problems in the home can easily be detected and fixed before they can do any damage. This means you must learn what to look out for and when it is time to call a professional electrician.
Warning Signs You Need New Wiring

  1. Dimming or flickering lights
    If you have ever experienced this, then you know how frustrating it can be. Dimming and flickering lights occur when the lights are receiving too little voltage or power to function. Now, this might happen occasionally when you plug in a power demanding appliances like a washing machine or blow dryer, but the lights should normalize soon after.

    However, when dimming and flickering lights become frequent, even in the absence of a power demanding appliance, it is a clear warning sign that something is wrong with the home wiring.

  2. Tripping breaker
    Breakers are designed to switch off automatically when they sense an excessive demand for power that is more than they can provide. This is a safety feature aimed at protecting your home. But when it occurs regularly, it is advisable to call an electrical technician immediately.
  3. Humming outlets or burn marks
    Outlets undergo rough and hard treatment in the home. Most people yank at them, jam electrical plugs in, and even try to poke the outlet with different objects. This overuse usually makes an outlet the starting point of an electrical fire. If you observe discoloration, burns, arcs, or a humming/sparking sound from any outlet in the home, call an electrician immediately. This is a very serious sign and must be handled in a timely manner.
  4. A burning smell
    The burning smell of an electrical wire is hard to miss. It is sharp and tricky because you may be unable to pinpoint its source. It is a sign of faulty wiring and a looming electrical fire.
  5. Electrical shock
    Sometimes when the wiring is damaged, you can experience electrical shocks from outlets. If you receive electrical shocks while plugging or unplugging an electrical device, call for professional help immediately.

Other telltale signs include age of the home and increasing demands for power in the home. All signs of an electrical wiring problem require that you reach out to professionals at The Electric Connection for a new and updated wiring system.