Burbank Electrician – AC / DC What’s The Difference?

Almost everything that we use on a daily basis operates on electricity. Every modern convenience that we have become used to relies on this fundamental utility. Without having a constant and reliable supply of this incredible technology, the world as we know it would grind to a screeching halt. In order to provide this powerful utility to our devices, two different forms of electricity have arisen: AC and DC.

AC means alternating current. This is the type of electricity that is used most frequently in devices that require a lot of power to operate. DC means Direct Current. It is most frequently found in devices that do not require a large amount of electricity to operate.

What’s The Difference?

DC was the original form of electricity that was generated by Thomas Edison. This form of electricity will send its current in a single direction only. This forms a direct loop. In most cases, DC current is only used in devices that use batteries. This means that any device that you have in your home that uses batteries operates on a DC system. When we charge these batteries, they transform the AC current from your wall into DC current.

AC power is the most common type of electricity, and is the form that your electrician in Burbank works with most frequently. The way that alternating current has been designed, it can move in both directions at the same time. This means that current will be present at every single point on the grid at any given time. If you use electricity from the power grid, then you plug into AC current every single day.

While you may not always think about it, having this reliable AC current is paramount to our everyday lives. For any further questions, or for help with any electrical issues that you have, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a technician at The Electric Connection. We also have a variety of additional resources available in our website at www.theelectricconnection.com.