Complete Burbank House Rewire

electrician rewiring a house in burbankThe thought of a complete home rewire can be worrying to some homeowners. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

A complete Burbank house rewire can be less complicated than you think. Hence it’s important to know what to expect and how you can make this project go as smoothly as possible.

When would you need a Burbank house rewire

Regardless of where you live, the factors that make a complete house rewire necessary are always the same. And in most cases, it’s impossible to realize your home needs rewiring until certain problems occur or you are undertaking projects like remodeling or addition.

You would need a Burbank house rewire under any or most of the following conditions;

  • Lights flicker when you turn on power demanding appliances
  • You have old-fashioned wiring like cloth-covered wiring, fuse boxes, knob-and-tube wiring, and so on.
  • There are signs of overheating at the socket outlets
  • You are remodeling, renovating, or adding a new room.
  • Breaker trips frequently or more than normal
  • You are adding new demanding appliances
  • After an inspection by a licensed electrician who confirms your wiring is worn out.

What happens during a Burbank house rewire?

  • Things can get messy around the house because home rewiring projects can be disruptive. There will be wires, drywall and ceiling been cut into, and much more.
  • Electricians often rewire in two stages. The first is fixing wiring and cables, and the second is installing everything connected to a socket or switch.
  • You won’t have power for a while. The electricians will shut off electrical power to the home for safety purposes while working.
  • You don’t have to leave your home while it’s being rewired. You can move from room to room or live nearby if you can’t deal with the mess.
  • It can take anywhere between 2-10 days to rewire your home depending on how large your home is.
  • Rewiring gives you the chance to future proof your home.

What does it cost to do a house rewire?

With a project like this, you might have already guessed it can dig deep into your pocket. The cost of house rewiring can differ depending on factors such as;

  • Your location
  • If the house is occupied or vacant
  • Size of your home
  • Age of your home
  • The electricians you hire

It’s possible to spend up to $3000 rewiring a home in Burbank and much less when the factors come into play.

What if my home is already rewired?

It’s possible to discover that your home has already been rewired and is still in good shape for your use. The best way to tell is to call an electrician for an inspection, but if you’re just buying the home, you can look out for signs such as;

  • Fabric covered wiring
  • Old-fashioned Fuse box
  • Old round pin sockets.

If your home does need a complete rewire, there are benefits in store for doing it. Rewiring your home with professional electricians helps you stay safe, fixes grounding issues, and gives you the capacity you need as a modern homeowner.


Electrical Safety Tips You Don’t Know by Burbank Electric

We all know electricity can be dangerous, but we also all know we take it for granted. We assume our homes are safe and free of electrical hazards because we haven’t ever had any real trouble. Becoming complacent or not fully understanding how electrical hazards are created or how electrical fires occurs can be dangerous. It is important to know some of the more common electrical safety tips that are often taken for granted. Your electrician in Burbank has a few reminders that may seem obvious to some, but for others, it will be a real eye-opener. You can call the team at The Electric Connection if you have any questions.
1. Don’t overload an outlet. Just because you can buy one of those devices that transforms your basic outlet into one that gives you four or six openings, it doesn’t mean you should try and fill plug in six appliances. Overloading can lead to overheating and ultimately spark a fire.
2. Don’t use a 100-watt bulb in a light fixture that is designed for a 40-watt max. If you need more light, have a new one installed by an electrician. Burbank homeowners can also use LED bulbs for a brighter light in their old fixtures.
3. When unplugging anything from an outlet, grip the cord by the rubber base. Never yank the cord out of the wall. Yanking can loosen the wires that secure the outlet in place in the wall, which can lead to an electrical hazard. Constantly yanking the cord can damage the cord and create an electrical shock hazard as well.
4. Don’t run cords under a rug. Cords should never be stepped on. This can cause the plastic coating to break down and fray, creating a serious shock hazard. You can have an outlet installed by a Burbank electrician or have a light fixture installed to eliminate the need for the cord under the rug.

Basic safety can save lives and prevent a home fire. Call The Electric Connection today if you need to have an electrical hazard mitigated.

Beautiful Outdoor Lighting by Burbank Electrician

It may be hard to think about sitting outside right now and your landscape lighting may be the farthest thing from your mind, but this is a great time to consider revamping your current outdoor lighting. With fewer chores to do outside, you can spend some time focusing on the coming spring and what you would like to do with your yard. One improvement that can make a huge difference is the installation of new outdoor lighting by an electrician in Burbank. The team at The Electric Connection would love to help you get your landscaping ready for spring.

There are many ways you can enhance your outdoors with lighting. Adding lights to fenceposts is a great way to light areas that would normally be in the dark. This can provide additional safety and security in those areas. Adding motion-sensing security lights to the backyard, driveway and any other areas that hold high-value items is another excellent way to make your home a little safer says an electrician. Burbank homeowners can have the lights professionally installed to ensure it is done right and is safe. In many situations, it will be necessary for a new breaker to be installed in the breaker box to run the new outdoor lighting.

Another lighting option that you may want to consider are spotlights. The spotlights can be directed at ornamental bushes, a flagpole or a water feature in the landscaping. This transforms your entire yard into a thing of beauty while adding a layer of safety. You can have some fun with the lighting as well. Adding twinkle lights or colored lights that dance over water features are another option you can discuss with your Burbank electrician. Spend some time finding what works best for you and then call The Electric Connection and schedule your new outdoor lighting installation, so you are ready for spring.

Extension Cord Safety Tips by Burbank Electrician

This is the time of year we tend to pull out the extension cords in order to get ready for all of our holiday lighting needs. It is fun to decorate and to compete with the neighbors for the brightest house on the block, but it can be risky if you are not careful. These are a few tips provided by an electrician in Burbank that can help keep your home safe this holiday season as you light it up. If you have concerns, you can always call the team at The Electric Connection to ask for an electric inspection.

1. Do not run extension cords across your driveway where it will be ran over.
2. Only use the round outdoor cords outside. The flat cords are not properly insulated and cannot handle the outdoor weather.
3. If you find you are having to leave windows open a crack to plug in the cords, consider have new outdoor electrical outlets installed by an electrician. Burbank homeowners will appreciate how much easier it is to decorate with outlets readily available.
4. Always unplug the extension cords when they are not in use. Do not leave them plugged in and “live” with nothing plugged in to the cord.
5. Do not string more than one extension cord together. If one isn’t long enough, buy one that is.
6. Do not overload an extension cord by plugging in more than three strands of lights connected together.
7. For indoor cords, make sure the cords are not in a busy walk area. Never run them under rugs explains a Burbank electrician.
8. Do not use a cord that has visible signs of damage. Electrical tape around a frayed cord is not safe. Discard the cord and buy a new one.

Have fun and be safe decorating your home this season. Give The Electric Connection a call if you need more outlets or have electric safety concerns.

Bold Lighting Schemes by Burbank Electrician

We all have a unique style. Some people loathe being part of the mold. They want to be different and step outside of the box. This applies to the way they dress and the way they decorate their personal spaces. When you own your own home, it is all about expressing yourself with your favorite color pallets, artwork and even furnishings. Another way you can help bring your personality and style into your home is by choosing some bold, innovative lighting schemes with the help of your Burbank electrician. The team at The Electric Connection is here to help you make your personal style stand out.

You are no longer relegated to the standard light fixture in the center of a room or forced to rely on colored bulbs or quirky lamps to express your style. An electrician in Burbank can help bring out your personal style with a variety of installed light fixtures that are functional and bold or classic and elegant. It is all up to you. You can have several lights or a single one. That’s part of the joy of designing your space—you have all the power. You can choose how bright, how dark and how funky your lighting scheme is.

Once you have come up with what you want, you need to call your electrician. Burbank homeowners will need to trust the expert when it comes to the wiring and installation of each of the fixtures. You can ask for dimmer switches to be installed or a wallplate with several light switches that give you the freedom to control the lights from one place in the room. The possibilities are endless. Do some shopping around and find the fixtures that call to you. Then, give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your new lighting installation.

Managing Your Electricity by Burbank Electrician

When something is readily available and seems like it will never run out, we tend to overuse. This is the case with the electricity in our homes. We feel confident knowing we can flip a light switch and have light or turn on the coffee maker and it will work. Rarely is their a need to give a second thought to what we have plugged in in our homes. Electricity is endless—for the most part. However, every little bit we use, whether we need it or not, is costing us. What if you could be a little more mindful and manage your electricity a little better with these tips from an electrician in Burbank, like those at The Electric Connection.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to reduce the amount of electricity you use on a daily basis explains an electrician. Burbank residents can save a few dollars up to much more by following these quick and easy suggestions.

1. Unplug your cell phone, laptop and tablet chargers when they are not in use. If you can, unplug the toaster and other appliances when they are not in use. Anything that is plugged in will draw a small current of electricity. When you look around your home, you will see that adds up fast.
2. Do what you can to take shorter showers. Even cutting your average shower by a couple of minutes every day adds up to an average of fifteen minutes for the week. Again, the less hot water you use, the less your hot water heater has to work to replace the hot water.
3. Switch out those old bulbs in each of your light fixtures with LED bulbs says a Burbank electrician. This is a quick and easy bill to cut the amount of electricity you use to light your home in half—maybe more.
4. Only run your dryer when it is full. This also goes for the washing machine and dishwasher. Wait another day and do one full load versus two half loads. Quick easy and huge energy saver.

If you would like to learn more about energy efficiency and how an electrician can help you make those changes in your home, call The Electric Connection.

Out with the Old Electrical by Burbank Electrician

burbank electricianDid you know the electrical outlets and light switches in your home can go bad over time? They may not have any obvious signs of wear, other than some yellowing, but they can certainly become dangerous if not taken care of. Outlets and switches are easily overlooked in a home because they are so common. We take the fixtures for granted and tend to ignore them altogether, which can be extremely dangerous. We may be overlooking warning signs that indicate there is a fire hazard brewing or an electrical shock waiting to happen. An electrician in Burbank can change out your old outlets and switches to ensure your home is as safe as possible. You can rely on the team at The Electric Connection to get the job done right.

Homes that are older than 20 years or so are not likely equipped with the much safer GFCI outlets in the kitchen and bathroom areas. This should be a job at the top of your Burbank electrician‘s list. These outlets can help prevent an electric shock if an appliance happens to come in contact with water. A typical outlet would allow a short circuit, which could cause a fire or shock a person who was touching the appliance. The GFCI outlet will instantaneously cut power to the appliance the very second the circuit is interrupted, preventing a shock or a fire.

Light switches that are loose or feel warm to the touch should be replaced as well. Over the years of turning the switch off and on, the tiny wires that connect it to the main power can loosen. If you suspect this may be the case, have the switch inspected by an electrician. Burbank homeowners will feel much safer with updated outlets and light switches in their home. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your appointment.

Troubleshooting Electrical Problems by Burbank Electrician

Techician looking over a gas furnace with a flashlight before cleaning it.

Every day we deal with little problems around the house that are relatively simple fixes. Squeaky hinges, loose stair boards or maybe a leaking faucet. These are all common problems that are a part of home ownership. Most home owners keep a small tool chest on hand to take care of these things on their own. Quick fixes that can be taken care of with very little money out of pocket. It is kind of exciting to be able to fix something on your own. It can leave you feeling very accomplished. However, there are some perceived small problems, like flickering lights or electrical outlets that aren’t working correctly that should never be taken care on your own. These are big, dangerous problems in disguise. They should only be addressed by a trained electrician in Burbank. The Electric Connection has a group of individuals ready to inspect your home and determine exactly what the cause of your electrical problem is.

This is the key when it comes to diagnosing electrical issues. A Burbank electrician needs to inspect it and find the true problem instead of simply addressing the symptoms. Electrical wiring is no joke. It can be incredibly dangerous if not handled correctly. Even a relatively minor problem can turn into a serious situation. It only takes one spark to bring down your entire home.

If you are experiencing some odd symptoms with your home’s electrical system call an electrician. Burbank homeowners will want to have anything out of the ordinary checked out immediately. A flickering light or outlet that doesn’t work can be a sign of loose or damaged wiring that can create a serious fire hazard. The smell of burning wires is never to be ignored and is typically your first clue to a problem. Give The Electric Connection a call today if you have any electrical concerns.

Lighting Up the Front Door by Burbank Electrician

As you drive down the street, you notice other homes in the neighborhood for a couple of different reasons. Either the home and the yard are very attractive and you are drawn in or the home and the front entrance are a bit messy or disheveled. Curb appeal is something many homeowners strive for. They want a nice looking yard and they want their home to appear to be inviting as well as taken care of. There are plenty of things you do everyday to achieve that, like watering the lawn or planting pretty flowers. Another option that is often overlooked is the lighting around the front door area. An electrician in Burbank is here to tell you why you should think about upgrading your lighting. The team at The Electric Connection can help you make it happen.

The standard porch light that comes with every home is sometimes just not enough or it just isn’t all that attractive. Depending on how large your yard is, the design of your front entryway and the location to the nearest street light, you may need more light explains an electrician. Burbank homeowners that want to enhance their front door area, rather than just light it up, will love some of the attractive designs available. You can go classic or with some of the more modern styles.

You can choose to go with nice bright LEDs or something a little softer. Once you have made a decision about your outdoor lighting, give your Burbank electrician a call. Wiring in lights is something that should always be left to the professionals. This ensures the job is done right and you don’t have to worry about any bad wiring causing problems down the road. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your front door lighting revamp to improve your curb appeal.

Brightening the Office Spaces with Burbank Electrician

Whether you work from home or work in a commercial business office, lighting is an incredibly important factor in your overall productivity. It can set the mood and the tone. If you are dealing with lighting that is inadequate, it can leave you frustrated. You will not only feel irritated by the inability to see your work clearly, but it can also wreak havoc on your eyes. You will for sure be suffering from headaches. Maybe your back and neck are also feeling the strain of having to hunch over to get a better look at small typed print. You need to brighten your office space with the help of a Burbank electrician like those at The Electric Connection.

Office lighting has traditionally always been the long fluorescent tubes that nobody actually likes or appreciates. The yellow glow they cast may be easier on the eyes, but if your work requires you to see things in true color, those fluorescent tubes have to go. They can also look dingy and when they start to go and the flickering begins, it is horrible. Your electrician in Burbank suggests you look into some of the more modern lighting options that not only provide clean, bright white light, but are also much less expensive to use.

If your office is trying to cut costs, one of the big factors is always finding ways to trim the electric bill. Imagine cutting the bill by as much as 25 percent by simply changing out the old outdated lighting for some of the new LEDs that are currently very popular. This is a change out that will need to be completed by an electrician. Burbank businesses will love the look and feel of the brighter lights as well as the impact to the bottom line. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your lighting upgrade in your office.