Outdoor Ceiling Fans—Electrician in Los Angeles Explains the Benefits

Stagnant air can be rather miserable. When you are sitting outside, you are typically hoping for that refreshing breeze to keep you cool and comfortable and to break up the hot air that tends to become thick and heavy. Of course you have heard about ceiling fans inside your home to take care of this problem, but did you know you can actually have a fan outside as well?

Outdoor ceiling fans can be placed in any outdoor living space to make it more comfortable and enjoyable for you. Evenings out on the patio or lunches in the middle of the day can still be enjoyed without the heat becoming too much when you have an electrician in Los Angeles install an outdoor ceiling fan.

These fans are specially designed to withstand the elements. Rain, wind and salty sea air are kept out of the electrical components with a specially designed housing. Although, there are different levels of protection. You will need to consider where the fan will be placed and your proximity to the ocean and the corrosive salty air. This is something you can talk more about with your electrician. Los Angeles residents can rely on The Electric Connection to help explain the ins and out of outdoor ceiling fans.

Basically, there are 3 different main types of fans. The first is designed to withstand minimal exposure to the elements. This is the type of fan you would put in a covered outdoor area. The second fan is designed to withstand direct exposure to the elements. If you are considering putting your fan in an area that is not covered, you will need this type. The last fan type is one that is made to hold up against the erosion from the salty air.

Of course, each type of fan is available in an assortment of styles and colors. Have fun choosing a fan that is right for your needs. Once you have picked the perfect fan, give The Electric Connection a call and we will be happy to schedule an installation appointment.