Los Angeles Electrician – Options for Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting has become very popular recently, especially in kitchen remodels. There are many benefits to having this type of task lighting. In addition to adding functionality to your counters, it can also add depth and highlight your backsplash, giving your kitchen a great look throughout the day. There are a variety of different lights that can be installed by an electrician in Los Angeles, each with its own benefits.

One of the top choices for under cabinet lighting is LED lighting. LED lights do not use as much electricity as standard light bulbs. This means that the bulbs will use less electricity and generate less heat. You don’t want very much heat to build up under your wooden cabinets, so this is a very important feature. LED bulbs are also very durable, and not filled with a glass like fluorescent bulbs, or a thin fragile filament like incandescent. LED lightings can withstand the beating that they may get in your kitchen. One of the greatest things about LED lights is that they are long-lasting. LED lights have a much longer lifespan than any of the other alternatives.

Xenon bulbs are another popular option for under cabinet lighting. They are great when compared with halogen. They create less heat than halogen bulbs, last longer and you can handle them without gloves (unlike their halogen counterparts). Xenon bulbs are also dimmable, which makes them great for kitchen lightings. If your kitchen currently has halogen light bulbs, it is recommended that you switch them with xenon as soon as they start to burn out.

These two options are two of the most popular types of under cabinet lighting installed by your local Los Angeles electrician. To talk about installing under cabinet lighting or any other electrical issue, give The Electric Connection a call. You can find all of our contact information and further resources (Click Here).