Beverly Hills Electrician – Maintaining Your Home’s Electrical Wiring

Thousands of homes each year catch on fire as a result of faulty electrical wiring. A study from the National Fire Protection Association showed that an average of 22,000 home fires between the years of 2003 and 20007 were a result of wiring and related equipment or lighting equipment. These fires resulted in over $700 million in direct damages, 350 deaths and 880 injuries. 72% of these fires were caused by an electrical malfunction or failure of some sort. You can prevent most home fires by making sure that your electrical wiring is properly maintained.

Most electrical fires in the home do not happen because homeowners are careless with their home maintenance on purpose. In fact, most homeowners are as responsible as they know how to be. They just do not have as much information as they should have about electrical wiring safety. Not all homeowners, for example, realize how important it is to keep their homes free of pests.

Even though the connections in your electrical system may be perfectly installed by an electrician in Beverly Hills, insects, rats, mice and other pests could be tearing apart your electrical system if allowed to get out of control. This can greatly increase your risk of fire in your home, because it only takes one frayed wire to create a short that sparks something else to flame.

In order to prevent mishaps like these from happening, you should have your electrical system checked periodically for any safety issues. Although this may seem like a simple step to make, the average homeowner has not had their electrical system inspected in 20 years or more. Having The Electric Connection come inspect your home could end up saving you from a potentially devastating fire. To get in touch with us, or learn more about electrical safety, head on over to our website at