CFLs Explained by Electrician in Santa Monica

You may have heard a little noise a while back about incandescent light bulbs being phased out. As this phase out happens, you are finding fewer bulbs that come in the 4-pack and typically cost no more than a dollar or so. In their place are those swirled bulbs that cost a few dollars for a single bulb. You are probably a little frustrated and wondering what is going on. Your electrician in Santa Monica is here to explain to you why those cheap bulbs are not going to be available for much longer. If you want more information about this matter, give The Electric Connection a call.

Those swirl bulbs are referred to as CFLs. The technical term is compact florescent light bulbs. They emit the same amount of light and use about a quarter of the electricity of the incandescent bulbs. That means money saved on your electric bill. And although the CFLs cost more up front, they last 10 times longer than the incandescent bulbs.

You may discover some of your lamps or light fixtures do not accommodate the CFLs. While this is an issue, it is actually worth the money to invest in a new fixture that is more energy efficient. You will need to hire an electrician to take care of your Santa Monica electrical upgrades. Yes, there are some initial costs, but you will be saving money on your electric bill every month. It is estimated that about $20 out of every $100 electric bill is because of lights. By using CFLs and energy efficient fixtures, you could potentially save anywhere from $15 to $45 every month depending on your regular electric bill. If you would like to schedule your lighting fixture upgrade give The Electric Connection a call today and start saving money on your electric bill.