Lighting 101 by Electrician in Santa Monica

If you are redesigning a room in your house, it is important you look beyond the paint color on the walls and the type of flooring in the room. You need to take a long, hard look at the lighting. It isn’t just about replacing tired, old fixtures. It is about making a room pop with the just right amount and right style of lighting. There is no one size fits all when it comes to lighting. Each space requires something a little different explains and electrician. Santa Monica homeowners who are ready to revamp their space with a new lighting look will want to call The Electric Connection to take care of the lighting transformation.

One of the most important considerations for changing up the lighting in the room is determining what the area is going to be used for. This will decide how much and what kind of light you need to make it gorgeous and functional. Using fixtures that match the décor is also an important deciding factor.

Entryways and hallways that have little to no natural light will benefit from lighting directed at the walls and ceilings. Recessed lighting with medium brightness is perfect for these areas says a Santa Monica electrician. Kitchens deserve all the lighting you can put into the space. Bright LEDS on a track lighting system are a perfect choice. You can add some pizazz by installing pendant lights over a center island.

Living rooms are typically best served with a medium to low light scheme. Use table lamps for areas where you need additional light for reading or other focused tasks. Ceiling fans with adjustable lighting are a good choice in this area suggests an electrician in Santa Monica. Have some fun picking out fixtures and then give The Electric Connection a call to have them installed.

Can Lighting Explained by Santa Monica Electrician

There are always going to be trends in home building. One of the hottest trends that has been around for a while and doesn’t seem to be losing any popularity is the installation of can lighting throughout the entire home. Can lighting, also referred to as recessed lighting, has many benefits. If you are unsure what the lighting is or would like to learn more about it, a Santa Monica electrician is here to explain. The team at The Electric Connection can answer any additional questions you may have on the subject.

Can lighting gets its name from the can-shaped housing unit that slides into the ceiling. The housing is completely hidden within the ceiling. The only thing a person sees in the room is a trim piece that is flush against the ceiling. The bulb is inside the ceiling, which means you lose no headspace. This can make a room appear much larger explains an electrician in Santa Monica. Unlike standard light fixtures that only provide light in the center of the room and take up about six inches of head space, the can lights can be placed throughout the room. You can also use the more energy-efficient CFL or LED bulbs in the fixtures.

You can choose to have the lights directed at a wall to highlight a particular piece of art or aimed directly into the room. Another bonus with this type of lighting is you can choose how much lighting you want in a particular space. Can lighting is safe to use in bathrooms as well explains an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners who like the control over how much light is emitted can have a dimmer switch installed as well. There are many reasons why recessed lighting has become so popular. If you would like to upgrade your old lighting to this style, give The Electric Connection a call today.

Dangers of DIY Electrical by Santa Monica Electrician

There is a real sense of pride and satisfaction when you take on a task that is daunting and challenging and you actually pull it off. Taking on a do-it-yourself task can be fun and rewarding. You learn a lot and you get the experience of working with your hands. Sometimes, DIY projects can be great and other times, they end up being complete failures you can laugh off. However, there are some DIY jobs you should never attempt. Anything that puts your life at risk or risks the overall safety of your home is simply not worth it. Electricity is no joke. If you have a job that requires electrical wiring, it is best left to a certified electrician. Santa Monica homeowners can count on the team at The Electric Connection to take care of any electrical repairs or new installations.

Electrical repairs or installing new light fixtures may seem simple enough on the surface, but one small mistake could be extremely dangerous. It isn’t worth the risk. Always call an electrician in Santa Monica to handle the electrical side of any DIY project and you can take credit for the rest. In many cases, a DIY project that involved electricity is against county and city codes. Permits are generally required for remodels and renovations, which will need an inspection.

You want your home to be safe and don’t want to have to worry about an electrical short due to faulty wiring. This can be avoided by letting a Santa Monica electrician take care of that part of the project while you focus on picking on the new fixture or putting on the paint. Have fun with your next DIY, but always remember safety first and give The Electric Connection a call to handle any electrical work that goes with the project.

Holiday Lighting 101 by Santa Monica Electrician

Tis the season to deck the halls, the lawn and anywhere else you can add a little holiday cheer in the brightest of ways. Bright lights, tall air-filled front lawn decorations and moving figures can really make a lovely show and propel your house to the top of the best decorated list. However, all of those awesome decorations require electricity. Your Santa Monica electrician wants you to be safe and have fun this holiday season and has a few rules when it comes to decorating. The team at The Electric Connection can answer any additional questions you may have.

1. If possible, use LED light strands. They are cooler, use a fraction of the electricity and you will really love how bright the LEDs are. You get more bang for your buck.
2. Never connect more than three strands together. You will end up with flickering lights or half strands in the middle of the string that don’t light up explains an electrician in Santa Monica.
3. Use the right extension cord for the job. Only use cords made for use outside in the lawn. Consider using one of the power strips made for the outdoors to run several lights and decorations.
4. If you are finding outdoor electric outlets to be in short supply, call an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners can have more outdoor outlets installed around their lawn to make decorating a breeze and limit the amount of extension cords needed.
5. Consider putting your holiday lights and other décor on a timer. This ensures everything comes on at the right time and doesn’t inadvertently get left of all day or night.

Have a safe and fun holiday while making your house the best decorated on the block. Give The Electric Connection a call if you need some additional outlets to make your decorating task a little easier and safer.

Home Remodels with Santa Monica Electrician

Have you recently purchased a fixer upper? With all of the home renovations shows on television these days, you may be inspired to invest in a house that needs a little help. Transforming something old and damaged into something new and lovely is exciting. It can be very fulfilling to get your hands dirty and apply your creativeness to a home renovation. It doesn’t matter if you are planning on flipping the home or making it yours to love. Part of any home renovation is going to include some electrical work, which will require the services of a professional electrician. Santa Monica new property owners can rely on The Electric Connection to take care of the electrical portion of the renovation.

Redoing walls and floors is only half the project. Sometimes you may need to bring an old home into the 21st century with new, safer electrical wiring explains an electrician in Santa Monica. Once you know the wiring is safe and ready to handle the demands on the electric panel, you can move on to the good stuff. Choosing floor material, wall colors and cabinetry is exciting, but the electrical is the first big step.

In some cases, you may be removing walls, which are likely to have wiring behind the sheetrock. This will need to be moved or disconnected by a Santa Monica electrician. Part of your planning will include installing new light fixtures and having outlets installed. With the current trend of having large, flat-screen televisions mounted to the wall, it is a good idea to have an outlet placed high up on the wall. It is the little details like these that can take a home renovation from good to great. It’s all in the details. If you are ready to get started on your home renovation project, give The Electric Connection a call today.

Revamping Outdoor Lighting by Santa Monica Electrician

Fall is upon us and it is easy to worry less about the outdoors and focus more on the inside of the house. Even though the weather may be a little cooler, it is still a great time for those outdoor gatherings that carry through into the evening hours. You can ensure your house looks inviting all year with new outdoor lighting that makes your house look fresh again. Your Santa Monica electrician can help transform your old and dated outdoor lighting scheme into one that pops and makes your house look great, even in the dark. All you need to do is call The Electric Connection and schedule your appointment.

Solar lights are great, but with the shorter days of fall and winter, the lights may not be enough to last throughout the night and into the late morning. This is why electric lights are often preferred by many landscape artists. An electrician in Santa Monica can work with you and your landscaper to determine where you want the light and take care of the installation process for you. Lighting up fountains, a play area or the patio are all possibilities and allow you to enjoy the cool fall nights.

There are many things you can do with electric lights that are not possible with solar varieties. If you have a particular shade tree or row of shrubs that you want to ensure is flooded in light for either beauty reasons or to make the landscaping safer, you will want to choose electric lights installed by an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners will love the flexibility as well as the control they gain with electric lights that can be set on a timer. It doesn’t hurt to have solar lights as a backup for power outages. If you are ready to update and revamp your outdoor lighting this fall, give The Electric Connection a call today.

Chandelier Upgrades by Santa Monica Electrician

Would you like to have your entryway lighting fixture be one that screams elegance while being functional? If you have always marveled at the homes in magazines or featured in some of those renovations you see on television, you may have noticed the entryway is generally very dramatic. It sets the tone for the home. If you have been longing for a similar update in your home, it can start now with the installation of a gorgeous chandelier by an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners can count on the crew at The Electric Connection to complete the installation.

A chandelier is really a statement piece in a room. You can often let the light fixture act as the only piece of décor and skip adding any artwork. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from, ensuring you will find one that perfectly suits your needs explains a Santa Monica electrician. Do a little shopping online and do what you can to visit the lighting department of your store. The fixture you choose should complement the space, without completely overwhelming it. Large is great, but too large and it will make the space look smaller.

Your next consideration is the amount of light that is actually produced with the chandelier. An electrician in Santa Monica recommends LED bulbs, simply because they are much more energy efficient. You can generally have the chandelier installed with a dimmer switch that allows you to turn up or down the intensity of the bulbs if you have went with a fixture that may be a little too bright for all occasions. However, a dimmer switch will typically not work with a fixture using LEDs—yet. The technology is likely coming, but we aren’t there yet. Give The Electric Connection a call today and let us get your new chandelier installed for you.

Preparing for Thunderstorms by Electrician in Santa Monica

electrician santa monicaA thunderstorm is an exciting occurrence and people tend to flock to the windows or their covered patios to watch nature show off a bit. The roll of the thunder and the flash of the lightening is exciting and makes for some pretty spectacular pictures if you can catch one. While a thunderstorm is something many people look to with a great deal of anticipation, it is important you take some safety precautions as well. Your electrician in Santa Monica has a few tips to help keep you safe as well as your home. The team at The Electric Connection is here to help as well.

1-Thunderstorms can cause electrical damage to the sensitive electronics in your home. The power surges and electricity that turns off and on can damage computers and the compressors in your refrigerator. It is a good idea to plug your computers and entertainment devices into powerstrips that offer some surge protection.

2-To protect your entire home from those surges, you can invest in a whole-house surge protection system installed by an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners can ensure anything in their home that is plugged in is protected from a power surge.

3-If you don’t have a surge protector, unplug everything you can when you know a thunderstorm is headed your way. This can protect those appliances and devices.

4-Stay away from tall trees, utility poles and other metal poles if you are caught outside.

5-Do not do the dishes or jump in the shower during a thunderstorm, the pipes can conduct electricity.

6-It is safest if you stay inside your home and away from the windows during a thunderstorm.

Thunderstorms are beautiful, but it is important you stay safe. If you would like a Santa Monica electrician to install a whole house surge protector, give The Electric Connection a call today.

Pool Safety Tips by Santa Monica Electrician

Before you dive into the pool for the first time this summer, you need to take some steps to ensure it is safe. Whether your pool is in ground or one of the above ground styles, you will likely be using electricity to run your filters, pumps, lights and/or heaters. Everyone knows water and electricity don’t mix. Do what you can to protect yourself by ensuring there are no electrical hazards threatening your lives and the lives of your family members and guests who are hoping to enjoy a fun day at the pool. An electrician in Santa Monica has a few tips for you to follow. If you have more questions or would prefer a safety inspection, give The Electric Connection a call today.

1. Use GFCI outlets to plug in any of your pool equipment. If you don’t have any available, you can purchase portable GFCIs or have your current outdoor outlets replaced with the GFCI by a Santa Monica electrician.
2. Keep all electrical cords and devices at least 10 feet away from the pool to avoid any water splashing on the cord.
3. Never set your pool up under or near power lines.
4. Have any electrical equipment that will be used with the pool professionally installed by an electrician. Santa Monica residents will need to ensure everything, including the pumps, lights and heaters is properly grounded. This is best left to the professionals.
5. Keep outdoor outlets and receptacles properly covered to avoid any water splashing in or on the outlets.
6. Make sure you never pick up any of your electrical devices or handle the cords when your hands are wet or you are in the pool.
7. Have your pool inspected by an electrician before opening every year to make sure there are no potential threats.

If you are itching to jump in the pool, be safe and call The Electric Connection do a quick electrical inspection to ensure everything is safe and ready for you to enjoy your summer swimming.

Faulty Light Switches a Signal of Trouble by Santa Monica Electrician

Light switches that aren’t working like they are supposed to are bad news. When you walk into a room and flip the switch to turn on the light and nothing happens, it is an issue. If you check the bulb and it works just fine, you will want to turn off the switch and turn off the breaker to the switch if possible. Then call an electrician in Santa Monica as soon as possible. The team at The Electric Connection has a staff ready, willing and fully trained that can help you get to the bottom of your lighting trouble.

There are some other key signs that can help you identify a faulty light switch. Think of these signs as a warning signal to get a professional Santa Monica electrician out to the house right away. If the light seems to flicker or maybe it goes off and on rapidly for several seconds or minutes, you have a problem. The light may appear to be much dimmer than it should be as well. This is because it isn’t getting the full electric current for one reason or another.

If your light switch is hot to the touch, melted or has black streaks on the wall, you have a major problem that requires the expertise of an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners will appreciate having the issue thoroughly investigated. In many cases, it is nothing more than a bad switch that can be easily replaced. In other situations, the wires are loose and just need tightening. In more problematic scenarios, the problem is the wire itself and the electrician will need to trace the wire to the circuit to find out where the problem lies. Don’t let those early warning signs be ignored. Call The Electric Connection as soon as you notice an issue.