Do I Need An Electrician to Rewire My Malibu House?

rewire home outletStaying in a beach city enjoying the awesome weather and thrill of celebrity mansions is a great way to live. However, persistent electrical problems can put a strain on your almost-perfect living.

Rewiring your Malibu house can be the best way to end any persistent electrical problems. To be sure, call an electrician to inspect your home and describe any issues you’ve observed. The electrician will confirm if you need a house rewire.

Now, if you’re past this point and you’re trying to decide if you need an electrician to rewire your Malibu house, keep reading to find the information to help you make the right choice.

Why hire an electrician to rewire your home

  1. Legal reasons

    A house rewire is a complex project that often requires a permit from your local authorities. The permit is important to ensure that all local codes and safety protocols are followed in the project. In most cases, the permit can only be pulled by a licensed contractor or electrician. If you choose to do the work yourself, it’s either illegal or restrictions will apply.

    These restrictions include:

    • You must remain in the residence at least a year after the project
    • You could be persecuted if someone gets hurt due to improper work
    • The building must not include any commercial or industrial components such as a public meter.
    • If the home isn’t yours but that of a close relative, you’re not allowed to complete any additional low voltage work.
    • After the project, you must hire an electrical inspector to check that5 the work is up to code and issue you a Certificate of Compliance.

    The best option is to save yourself the headache and let a licensed electrician in Malibu complete the work.

  2. To avoid risks and stay safe

    DIYing your electrical rewire can put you and your family at risk. Accidents like electrocution, shocks, and fire can occur from improper handling or faulty wiring. Electrical rewiring is a complex and dangerous project which is why only experienced electricians know how to reduce risks and follow proper procedures.

  3. Prevents failed inspections

    One of the most common problems with DIY work is failed inspections. When you’ve completed a project that requires a permit without the permit, an electrical inspection will be required.

    The inspector checks for compliance with safety protocols and updated codes. Most DIY house rewires often fail this inspection.

    If you want to sell your home, a buyer would also use an inspector to check the electrical system of the home. If the inspection fails, the buyer won’t proceed with purchasing the home. You may end up fined for a violation. In situations where faulty electrical wiring is found after the purchase, you may be persecuted.

  4. Hiring a professional electrician for your Malibu house rewire is the better choice. Aside from these reasons, there’s also the scope of work and electrical knowledge you need to complete the rewire. A Malibu electrician is safer and cheaper in the long run.