How Long Can A Pasadena House Rewire Take?

pasadena town hallWhen it becomes necessary to rewire your Pasadena house, you might have several questions about the project. One of the first things homeowners want to know is how long the house rewire takes. It’s important to know this, especially because of the disruptive nature of the project.

What happens during a house rewire?

A rewiring project involves replacing damaged or old wiring in the home with new and updated wiring. If you’re extending or renovating your home, you will need both new wiring and improvement on the existing wiring.

Depending on your specific needs the Pasadena house rewire can also involve upgrading your electrical panel and new installations.

The project is messy and involves two stages. In the first stage, old cables and wiring are removed and new ones installed. The second stage is where everything is properly fitted and made live.

Full home rewires usually happen when the house is empty. But for some homeowners, it’s preferable to stay in one room while the work goes on in other rooms.

At the end of a rewiring project in your Pasadena home, you will have a reliable electrical system that can serve your needs as a modern home.

How long can a house rewire take?

Several factors affect how long a house rewire may take. They include:

  1. Scope of work – Rewiring may mean changing your electrical wiring for a new one, but the scope of work often differs for every home. If you live in an old home, you might need an electrical panel upgrade, new installations like changing outlets, GFCI, and so on. Even for modern homes, an electrical panel upgrade can become necessary for higher capacity. Faulty electrical components will also be repaired during a house rewire. So these make up the scope of work that influences how much work is to be done plus how long it would take.
  2. Will you stay in the home during the project? – A Pasadena house rewire can move much faster if you vacate the home during the project. Staying in the home means the electrician will have to restore power every night or even while working in the day. It’s a bit more stressful having to limit the work environment during rewiring and this can slow down the work.
  3. Size of the property – A single room rewire can be completed much faster than an entire house. Houses with smaller sizes also take less time than bigger houses to complete a full rewire.
  4. The number of contractors working – It takes more than one electrical contractor to complete a house rewire and the bigger the scope of work or size of your home, the more electrical contractors you’ll need. The number of electricians can affect how long the work takes. More electricians typically mean the project moves faster.

Other factors include time taken for preparation and so on. A full house rewire takes an average of 5-10 days or more to complete. Only your electrician who has seen the home and knows what is involved can give you a more specific time range for your project.