Electric Car Chargers; Fast or Slow—Electrician Burbank Residents Trust Explains

That new electric car will surely save you money on gas and make you feel good about doing something good for the environment, but there are some things you must consider. Before you start planning that trip to Paris with all the money you save on gas, you need to figure out how you will keep the car charged. Without a charge, you will need to rely on gas, thus defeating the purpose of your electric car. This is why you need an electrician. Burbank electric car owners can call The Electric Connection for help.

When you purchased your car of if you are in the research phase and trying to figure out what car to buy, you probably heard about the charging stations. There are two main types. The slower charging stations are much less expensive while the others are faster and more expensive. Obviously, the less expensive station has a major benefit and it can be plugged in virtually anywhere. This makes it convenient to charge the car. However, the downside is the time it takes to give the car a full charge.

On the other hand, you have the initial investment of the faster charging system. But, in this case, the car will charge in about 8 hours versus the 16 to 24 hours it takes for the slower system. Because it is a much more powerful electric car charging station, you will need an electrician. Burbank residents will need a dedicated 240-volt outlet to plug the station into. An electrician will need to check the electric panel to make sure there is enough space to support the additional electrical needs. If you would like to learn more about the different electric car charging stations, give The Electric Connection a call. If you have already made the decision to purchase a fast charging station, we can install it for you.