Electric Car Chargers Need a Los Angeles Electrician

Gas prices are on the rise as is typical for the summer weather. That means your commute just got a little more expensive. It isn’t likely you will get a pay raise to compensate for the extra money you will be putting in your gas tank. You need to do something different. Electric cars are an option and are becoming increasingly more affordable. However, to maximize the investment in an electric car, you will want to consult a Los Angles electrician like those at The Electric Connection.

The standard Level I charger that is typically included in the price of an electric car or added into the total price for an extra fee. Unfortunately, if you plan on driving your electric car more than 30 miles before recharging it, your electric car will not be quite as economical as you thought. Level I chargers will take about 24 hours to fully your charge the car. Unless you will be leaving your car in the garage for a full day, possibly more, it will not get the chance to charge.

There is an option with the help of an electrician. Los Angeles electric car owners can get the most out of their electric cars by buying a Level II charging station. Level II stations can charge an electric car in as little as six hours depending on the model. The faster charging stations require a 240-volt outlet. This is why you need an electrician. The outlet is not a standard fixture in a garage or carport and will need to be specially installed by a certified electrician. Before the outlet can be installed, the electrician will need to inspect the existing electric panel to ensure there is enough power to run the charger. Do what you need to start saving money on your commute by giving The Electric Connection a call today and scheduling your appointment.