Electric Car Chargers Need Glendale Electrician

Electric cars are increasing in popularity as more people realize how economical the cars are. Gas prices are constantly on the rise and people are desperate to find a way to save money. Not to mention, electric cars are great options for those who are interested in preserving fossil fuels. If you have bought an electric car already or plan on purchasing one, you are probably interested in learning about how you can charge the car.

Your electrician in Glendale explains what you need if you are planning on charging your car at home. Depending on where you live, this may be a necessity. While public charging stations are becoming more popular, it is not always convenient to drive to a station and wait. At The Electric Connection, we understand the desire many people have to install a charger in order to charge the car overnight or whenever the car is not in use.

Electric car chargers are available in two main sizes. The smaller, slower charging station can be plugged in virtually anywhere. This station will not typically require an electrician’s help. The only time you would need to call a Glendale electrician is if you do not have enough outlets near where you park the car or you need an additional breaker to support the charging station.

If you are interested in the stations that charge the car in half the time, you will definitely need an electrician’s services. A new, higher voltage outlet will need to be installed. Depending on the current breaker panel in your home, you may also need an electric panel upgrade. A dedicated breaker will need to be installed that will be solely for the car charger.

If you are interested in learning more about your electric car charging options, please give The Electric Connection a call. We would love to assist you.