Los Angeles Electrician Tips For Upgraded Wiring

Have you been calling for help from an electrician in Los Angeles more often than you’d care to admit? If you have old wiring, whenever you’ve had an electrical service call the electrician should have made you aware of the wiring situation. A knowledgeable Los Angeles electrician will tell you when your electrical wiring needs to be replaced.

Cloth insulated wires may not be grounded properly and are definitely unsafe by today’s standards. The cloth actually falls off, leaving exposed wires in vulnerable areas of your home. If a home’s wiring is aluminum, the wiring shrinks and expands at contact points, causing a potential fire hazard. Neither method is safe. If you think your home may contain either of these types of wiring, The Electric Connection specializes in wiring upgrades for older homes.

The knob and tube wiring that electricians in Los Angeles used before the 1940s employs the use of ceramic knobs and tubing, with wires running through the tubes. It is not a grounded system, so plugging in any modern appliances or electronics is an immediate fire hazard. There are a number of insurance companies that will not offer fire insurance to homes with this type of system. An electrician in Los Angeles from The Electric Connection can upgrade knob and tube for you also.

Homeowners hear the words “electrical upgrade” and immediately start to see dollar signs. With the Electric Connection, the prices are affordable and the work that is recommended is an investment, not an expense. Older wiring systems are not only unsafe; they’re raising the cost of your electricity. More modern systems were developed with efficiency in mind. When a home is upgraded from knob and tube wiring or aluminum wiring, the electric bill immediately goes down, as does the insurance bill and the home repair budget – no more calling a Los Angeles electrician once a month for blown fuses or shorts.

The Electric Connection is the electrician Los Angeles CA homeowners contact most often for electrical upgrades. With over thirty years experience and twenty-five full time employees, all residential and commercial electrical services needs are handled quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Whether it’s a rewiring, an installation, or new construction, the professionals at the Electric Connection can handle it in a timely fashion. If you’re an LA homeowner, your family and your wallet will be happy that you did.

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