Advice from an Electrician in Glendale – Lowering Electric Bills

Spring has sprung. This means more days where it gets a little warm and you may need some air conditioning—but not so warm that you can count on turning off the heater for the year though. While your utility bills may be a bit lower in springtime than in other times of the year, it is still a concern. One of the best ways you can keep those utility bills even lower is by sealing your home against temperature loss. This does not cost much and is something you can do yourself—though a Glendale electrician may be able to provide advice if you find yourself with questions.

Sealing your home is one of the most effective means of keeping down energy consumption—this not only lowers your utility bills, it can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels too. Consider these tips as a great place to get started:

  • Weatherstrip all exterior doors. This helps reduce air leaks. Air leak is a problem even if the door looks like it fits tight. Did you realize that a 1/8 of an inch crack around all four sides of an average door allows as much air in as a 5 x 6 hole in the middle of the door?
  • Weatherstrip the garage door as well. These often leak even worse.
  • Plastic sheeting on your single pane windows will keep the temperature more consistent inside your home.
  • Check your basement and attic for holes you may not know about. Sometimes these are caused by wildlife. These are prime areas for leaks and the change in temperature that occurs in the basement or attic can affect the temperature of your whole house.
  • Talk to an electrician in Glendale, such as The Electric Connection, about other steps you can take to reduce leaks and lower your electric bill. The amount you save can be significant!