Glendale EV Charger Installation

glendale electric vehicleThe city of Glendale in California, U.S is a bustling city known perhaps for its Brand Boulevard. It is one of the best places to live in California and own a thriving retail business of course. Like most places in recent times, Glendale has its share of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles become more popular by the day and it is to be expected given the benefits of driving such a vehicle. EVs are a plus to the environment helping us live green and healthy. They also benefit the economy by reducing carbon footprint and the need for producing gasoline.

There are over 2000 public charging ports in Glendale which are either a level 2 or level 3 charge. They can be found within every 15km. Up to 21% of the public charging stations offer free charging for your electric vehicle. Another 94% of the public charging station offers a level 2 charge. The main charging networks in operation in Glendale are ChargePoint and Volta.

Driving an electric car in Glendale can also be favorable to your pockets because of the rebates offered by Glendale Water and Power (GWP). GWP offers up to $500 rebates for residential EV drivers/consumers and up to $2000 rebates for commercial customers. The cost for the city owned level 3 charging stations is 0.3359 per kWh. The cost for the city owned level 2 charging stations is $0.2033 per kWh.

Installing EV Charging Types

  • Level 1
  • The voltage for the Level 1 charger type is 120V. The average charging time is 10 to 20 hours. No equipment is required to install a level 1 charging type. You simply plug into the 120V in your home to use this charging type.

  • Level 2
  • The voltage for the Level 2 charger type is 240V and the average charging time is 4 to 8 hours. It can be installed in your home or building by a qualified electrician. You would need an electric vehicle charging station and a dedicated circuit from your panel.

  • Level 3
  • A level 3 charger uses 480V. It has the fastest charging time of 20 to 30 minutes. It usually requires a separate plug and is available mostly in retail settings. It is perfectly suited for public charging.

To install an electric vehicle charger in Glendale, the installer would need a permit.

It’s important to note that charging time may differ slightly from the figures above depend on the make of your car and its battery size. When installing the charger types, your circuit breaker should have the capacity to handle their power needs to avoid tripping. Home installations are necessary for convenience and achieving a full charge most of the time.

Electric vehicles come in different models, make, and design. Some might help you save better than others. The factors that influence how much you would spend on your electric vehicle include the cost of electricity, make and model of the car, driving conditions, and more.

Be sure to reach out to us at The Electric Connection for more information or services for your EV.

10 Reasons to Call a Glendale Electrician

Owning a home can be an exciting adventure. However, owning a home comes with the knowledge you are going to have to invest in the home on almost a monthly basis. It doesn’t matter how new your home is, you are going to run into issues that require you to hire professional help to resolve. While many homeowners prefer to handle as much of the maintenance and upkeep on the home themselves, there are time when problems should absolutely be left to the professionals. Anything having to do with electricity in the home should always be left to an electrician. Glendale homeowners can count on The Electric Connection to provide timely, professional service when they need it.

The following are a few reasons to call a Glendale electrician.
1. Installing new ceiling fans or light fixtures.
2. Electrical shorts that are causing breakers to trip on a regular basis.
3. The smell of burning wires or obvious signs of burning on or around light switches or electrical outlets.
4. An installed light fixture in a room isn’t working or only works on occasion. If the lights flicker or make a buzzing or cracking sound you need to call an electrician in Glendale.
5. If you are transforming a room into an office and need additional outlets.
6. An outlet is dead or not working.
7. You are planning a remodel or upgrade to your kitchen.
8. If your home is older and you are concerned about outdated wiring, an electrical inspection is a great idea.
9. You have an electric car and would like to have a charging station installed in your garage.
10. Your existing electric panel is not providing enough electricity to the home to make it fully functional.
These are just a few of the more common reasons to call a professional electrician. When in doubt, give The Electric Connection a call and talk with a professional.

Lighting Tips by Electrician in Glendale

Does your home need something different, but you just can’t quite put your finger on it? Maybe you want to give it a facelift or make it feel more inviting. Seeing the same thing day in and day out can get a little old and boring. Your electrician in Glendale has a few tips that may inspire you to switch up the lighting in a room to achieve a fresh, new look. The team at The Electric Connection can take care of the installation once you have chosen your new fixtures.

1. Have a Glendale electrician add dimmer switches to give you more control over the amount of light in the room. You can go from bright and cheery to dim and romantic with the slide of a switch.
2. Pendant lights are a great way to decorate a room while adding light. The pendants come in a wide variety of styles and colors. You can add a little flare to a space with the right pendant. These are great choices over a kitchen island, a reading area or even a mantle. The heights are adjustable which makes them very versatile.
3. Adding undercabinet lighting is an excellent way to bring in focused light that doesn’t crowd a room. Small LED strips mount under a cabinet and are completely out of the way.
4. Focus on your entryway lighting says an electrician. Glendale homeowners will be surprised at the difference this makes. You can go bold with a beautiful chandelier that sets the tone for the entire home.
5. Use chandeliers to create focal points in a room. Chandeliers are not just for the dining room. You can add them to a master suite or a sitting room. The light fixture becomes a functional centerpiece.
Lighting a home doesn’t have to be boring or run-of-the-mill. Have some fun picking out the right fixtures for your home and then call The Electric Connection for the installation.

Replacing Old, Tired Light Fixtures with Glendale Electrician

Out with the old and in with the new can make a big difference in the way a room looks. Every decade or so, there are new trends in home decorating and construction. Those new trends are appealing to potential buyers and for those who don’t plan on selling, but like the latest trends, you can enjoy them too with the help of a Glendale electrician. One of the trends that tends to change often is lighting. You don’t have to completely remodel your home to stay with the times. You can call The Electric Connection and have new light fixtures installed that make your home look and feel more modern.

There are some other advantages to upgrading your old light fixtures as well explains an electrician. Glendale homeowners that want to use the more energy efficient bulbs on the market may need to have a new fixture installed to accommodate the bulbs. Those LEDs that are very popular right now don’t always work in the older fixtures. CFLs may also be too long or too wide to fit into an existing fixture. If you haven’t been into the lighting department lately, take a trip and discover all of the new styles. You will be amazed.

When you choose to update the old fixtures with newer, more energy efficient light fixtures, you are also getting the peace of mind knowing the electrical wiring is safe and up to code. When your Glendale electrician is taking care of the removal of the old fixture and the installation of the new, the electrician will get a peek at what’s happening behind the walls and in the ceiling. This can tell you the condition of the wiring and whether you need to consider having other outlets, switches and fixtures replaced. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your new lighting installation.

Replacing Dangerous Wiring by Glendale Electrician

One of the biggest fears a homeowner can have is the thought of losing their house to a fire. Home fires are far too common. All it takes is a small mistake or a little accident to create a horribly devastating fire that destroys all of the world possessions a family owns. One of the leading causes of a home fire can be blamed on faulty wiring. This is generally through no fault of the homeowner. There are nearly 375,000 house fires each year. There are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of your home catching fire explains an electrician in Glendale. You can count on The Electric Connection team to provide you with more information related to electrical fires.

1. More than half of the fires in homes is caused by cooking. Be extra careful when using grease and always ensure the stove and oven are off when you go to bed or leave the house. Be attentive anytime you are cooking.
2. Heating is the second leading cause. If using a woodstove or fireplace, ensure it is properly cleaned and maintained.
3. Electric wiring that is old should be inspected by a Glendale electrician. Cloth-insulated wiring is outdated and unsafe and should be replaced.
4. Have a whole home electrical safety inspection completed by an electrician. Glendale homeowners will get a detailed report of potential hazards as well as things that absolutely should be addressed right away to prevent an accident.
5. Have working smoke detectors in every room. Consider hard-wired smoke detectors as well that are more effective at alerting the entire home to a fire.

Due diligence and being a little more attentive can help prevent fires in the home. If you would like an inspection of your wiring or need a quote for electrical repairs needed to make your home safer, give The Electric Connection a call today.

Electric Safety Enhancements with Glendale Electrician

Keeping your home safe is a top priority. Locking your doors, taking care of tripping hazards and making sure there are no obvious areas that could be a danger to you and the people visiting your home is real concern. Sometimes, you can’t find every single, little hazard. This is why it is always a good idea to have an electrical safety inspection by a qualified electrician. Glendale homeowners can count on the team at The Electric Connection to complete the inspection and give them a detailed list of things that could be a problem.

Some of the biggest hazards are not always obvious. In many cases, an alert homeowner can identify electrical problems and call an electrician in Glendale to take care of it before it becomes a much bigger concern.

1. Electrical outlets that have black marks or don’t always work are telltale signs. Check the outlets in the bathroom and kitchen area. If they are not the GFCI outlets, you can help prevent electric shock by having the old outlets upgraded to the GFCI outlets.
2. Having an electrical inspection completed can identify problems within the breaker panel. This give a Glendale electrician the chance to peek inside and see what kind of wiring there may be throughout the house. It also reveals how much room is in the electric panel in case you need to add additional breakers to accommodate for those that may be overloaded.
3. Breakers that are constantly tripping should absolutely be checked out by a professional. As mentioned in number two, adding another breaker or two to the panel can help alleviate overloading a breaker.

These are some of the most common signs of electrical hazards that you can easily take care of. Give The Electric Connection a call today and have your home inspected to make those safety upgrades.

Home Additions with Glendale Electrician

Adding on to your home to make it a little bigger and more accommodating for you and your family’s needs is a typical part of home ownership. Sometimes, you buy a smaller house or a house that isn’t quite what you want with the intention of remodeling it to suit your needs. This is often a cheaper solution and gives you a little more say in what the addition looks like. If you are considering adding on to your home or transforming that big closet into a second bathroom, you will need the services of an electrician. Glendale homeowners can call The Electric Connection to assist them with their home remodeling needs.

Plenty of people choose a DIY approach when it comes to home remodels. Those with some basic carpentry experience can knock out walls or install sheetrock. However, it is never okay for anyone, besides a certified Glendale electrician, to deal with any of the electrical wiring required for the addition. The risk associated with dealing with electricity are far too great and not worth the few extra dollars you may save. Your homeowner’s insurance will also negate any coverage in many cases if the wiring was not completed by a certified electrician.

It is far easier and will give you peace of mind to have an electrician in Glendale take care of new wiring as well as the installation of new light fixtures. This ensures the job is done right and you will know the addition is safe. In most counties and cities, the addition you put on your home will require permits. The inspector will need to inspect any electrical wiring completed. Don’t risk the job not being done right the first time. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your new addition electrical job.

Electric Safety for Outdoor Projects by Glendale Electrician

Summer is the time of year when you want to be outdoors doing something. It is a great time to make your outdoor living space a little better or maybe to build a space. Fixing the deck, taking care of loose fence panels or maybe building the kids that playhouse they wanted are all great ways to spend a couple of days off. Using power tools to complete those jobs makes it a little easier and faster. However, your Glendale electrician wants you to always be safe when working outdoors with electricity. The team at The Electric Connection has a few tips to ensure you stay safe while working on your outdoor projects.

1. Only use an extension cord that is rated for use outside. These will generally be orange, round and have a 3-prong outlet. The cord should be in good condition with no frayed or exposed wires.
2. Don’t use power tools if it is raining out or the ground is wet.
3. Do not string more than one extension cord together says an electrician in Glendale. You will lose a little electricity and risk damaging your power tools by trying to use a low current.
4. Make sure your outdoor outlets are protected from the weather. The outlets should also have ground fault circuit interrupters. If they don’t call an electrician. Glendale homeowners can have new, safer outlets installed that will protect them from an electric shock.
5. Pay attention to your surroundings. If there are powerlines over head, be extremely careful when moving ladders or carrying tools that may come into contact with the lines. If you are going to do any digging, call your electric company to have a quick inspection for any buried cables.

Outdoor projects are a fun way to spend your summer days. Don’t let a project turn into a safety nightmare. If you have any questions or need those outlets installed, give The Electric Connection a call today.

Symptoms of a Bad Electric Panel by Glendale Electrician

glendale electricianElectrical problems in your home can be tough for the average person to diagnose. You only know the symptoms and not the cause. Some symptoms can indicate a whole slew of potential problems, making it difficult for you to determine what exactly is wrong. You could be dealing with a minor problem with an appliance that has nothing to do with your home’s electrical or it could be something far bigger. The best option is to rely on an electrician in Glendale to diagnose the problem. You can call the team at The Electric Connection to set up an appointment for an inspection. From there, one of the trained professionals can determine the exact cause and what is needed to fix the issue.

There are a few warning signs that can help point to a bad electric panel that will need to be upgraded or replaced by a Glendale electrician.

*Breakers seem to trip often and without any real cause. This could indicate a bad breaker or signify a much bigger problem happening within the electric panel.

*If you smell burning wires coming from the general area of the panel, you have a serious problem and need to call an electrician. Glendale homeowners will want to avoid using electricity in their home until the panel can be checked out.

*If a breaker is reset after tripping, but it trips again a few minutes later, it is likely a problem with the electric panel.

*A panel that is more than 20 years old should be inspected just to make sure it is still operating safely. There are some panels that have been proven to be dangerous. These were installed in the 80s and early 90s. Your Glendale electrician can tell you if your panel is one of the brands known to cause issues.

If you are simply not sure whether your electric panel is safe, call The Electric Connection for an inspection to determine if there is anything to be concerned about.

Signs and Symptoms of Damaged Wiring by Glendale Electrician

It can be difficult for a person who is absolutely unfamiliar with electrical wiring and all of the components that go with it to understand when something is wrong. Wiring is hidden away behind fixtures and walls so it isn’t like you can see any problems. You have to depend on some other basic warning signs and symptoms to help you determine whether or not you have a problem. Because electricity can be extremely dangerous, you should never try to fix the problem yourself. You will want to call an electrician. Glendale homeowners can count on the trained and certified team at The Electric Connection to handle any electrical problems—big or small.

Some of the most common signs of an electrical problem are as follow;

*An outlet only works some of the time
*An outlet is loose and wiggles around when plugging in or removing a plug
*There are black streaks up the wall behind the outlet or switch
*The outlet is hot to the touch
*You smell burning wires—this is a unique smell that is hard to miss explains a Glendale electrician
*Lights flicker with no apparent reason
*A light won’t work—even with a new bulb
*Melted wires in a breaker panel
*Getting a small shock when using an appliance that is plugged in or a shock when pulling or pushing in a plug
*Black marks around the holes in the outlet

These are the most obvious signs you will notice. If you have noticed or suspect any of these symptoms are the tip of a bigger problem, call your electrician in Glendale. When possible, shut off the breaker to the potential problem outlet or fixture. Do not use until it can be thoroughly inspected and cleared to use. Give The Electric Connection a call today to take a look at any electrical concerns in your home.