EV Charger Installation in Pasadena

pasadena ev chargerPasadena is famous for its New Year’s Day Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game. But like many other cities, Pasadena has its share of electric vehicle drivers.

Electric chargers are necessary to aid fueling of EVs with power. When you purchase an EV of your own, an electric charger installation becomes vital. There are three types of chargers to choose from for your installation.

  • Level 1 EV charger
    The level 1 EV charger makes use of a regular 120 volt AC electric circuit. Because this is often easily available, there’s no need for any additional installation. This charger works well at home or in a public space. The only drawback is its sluggishness.
  • Level 2 EV charger
    This charger comprises a 240/208 volt AC electric circuit. The 240 volts circuit is usually residential a circuit while the 208 volts circuit is commercial. To use this level 2 charger you would have to install a charging equipment and a dedicated circuit. It is an appealing option because it is significantly faster than a level 1 charger.
  • Level 3 DC Fast charger
    This is an extremely fast EV charger using a 480 volt AC electric circuit. You will need to install a special plug that is highly compatible with several chargers. The speed of this charger allows you to recoup as much as 80% of the battery used in 30 minutes.

Electricity Rates for EVs in Pasadena

Many utility companies in Pasadena offer EV time of use rates that help owners maximize charging hours at the times when electricity cost is lowest. This time is usually from midnight to 5 am. In the summer months in Pasadena, off-peak rates are often more than 50% cheaper than on peak rates which offer a great way to save on cost.

EV Charger Installation in Pasadena

EV charger installation should always be carried out by an electrician. EV charger installation in Pasadena can cost anywhere from $200 to $1000. The cost depends on the materials required, the location for the installation, and if a service panel upgrade is needed as well.

EV Charger Incentives in Pasadena

The PWP offers incentives for owners who install a Level 2 hardwired or wall-mounted charging station in any location including home or business place. A charging station enables customers to enjoy both faster and cheaper charging. The incentive offered by the PWP is the provision of a partial refund of up to $600 for residential customers and also up to $6000 for commercial customers.

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