Find A Tesla Certified Electrician

All EV drivers have to find a solution to charging their electric vehicles. The best option is to always charge at home overnight so you are powered up and ready to go in the morning. To do this, you will need a Tesla certified electrician but not all homeowners know where to start or why this is even necessary.

Why install a home charger for your EV

Yes, installing a home charger for your Tesla means investing some money. The thing is, it’s more beneficial and cheaper in the long-run. Here are some reasons why:

  • You get to decide everything. Installing a home EV charger for your Tesla gives you a convenient charging option. Hence, you get to control everything. You can decide the type of charging you prefer such as a level 1 or a level 2. You can also indicate where you’ll like the charger installed.
  • It saves you money. Investing in a home Tesla charger saves you charging costs in the long run. Most public charging options come at a cost that will only add to your monthly bills.
  • Your home will rise in value. Having a Tesla charging station at home can increase your home’s value in case of a sale. A Tesla charging station is a modern installation that is relevant to a green future as more and more people buy EVs.

Why a Tesla certified electrician?

When it comes to installing a home car charging station, you may hear the term Tesla certified electrician. Yes, this differs from hiring a regular electrician to connect your Tesla.

A Tesla certified electrician has;

  • Undergone an intensive EV service training program
  • An understanding of all Tesla vehicle products
  • Passed a written general automotive exam not specific to Tesla vehicles
  • Relevant education and training
  • Compliance with all local and national electric code installation requirements.
  • Experience in Tesla vehicle charging needs
  • License and insurance

Why would you want to hire someone any less qualified to handle the charging needs of your sleek EV?

How to find a Tesla certified electrician

Contrary to what you may think, there are not so many Tesla certified electricians around. It takes dedication and professionalism to opt for this certification.

To find a Tesla certified electrician, you can start by searching on the Tesla platform for a certified electrician near you. When you find a few options, be sure to confirm their certifications beyond EV charger installations. An electrician with experience in other electrical services is best.

Aside from installing your home car charger, the electrician could inform you of other problems with the electrical wiring in your home. They can determine if your electrical panel is of the right capacity for the new addition and also recommend surge protection.

Check for reviews of this technician and get their quote. Choose from your options if you have more than one and schedule a time for the installation. Be sure to keep all your invoices from the service.

Don’t want to look too far? Contact us here today for your home electrical and Tesla charging needs.