What Size Wire For Tesla Charger

tesla wiringWhen you are obsessed with pretty cars and tired of driving fuel powered vehicles, then an electric vehicle like Tesla is your best bet. A lot of drivers want to get behind a Tesla vehicle just to enjoy the thrill of riding such a car.

With Tesla, you never have much to worry about, except, of course, charging. Charging electric vehicles can be smooth and easy depending on your choices. Tesla makes things even better with its superfast chargers and convenient charging options.

Now, you know you can charge your EV at home using either the 120V outlet or the 240V outlet. 120V gives you a slow trickle charge and might limit your full experience with your sweet vehicle. The 240V outlet, on the other hand, is every driver’s delight. You can get a full charge in a few hours and maximize your Tesla experience.

Installing the Tesla wall charger at home

The first thing to note is you need an experienced electrician to install your Tesla wall charger. While it is important to have some basic knowledge to help you make informed decisions, it is not advisable to take on the full installation yourself.

The wall charger will comprise a connection between the breaker and the outlet or wall connector. This will involve a run of wire and for Tesla chargers, you do not need just about any wire. Generally, EV charging should be installed using copper wires because most aluminum wires are not rated for EV use. Aluminum wires are also known to overheat frequently which can be dangerous for your car and home.

Tesla wall connectors are rated for only copper wires.

Ensure the wire you choose has current handling abilities and resistance. Depending on your needs and connection made by the electrician, your wire size needs may vary. They can be any size between 3AWG and 8AWG. Ensure you discuss what is needed with the electrician and allow them to purchase the materials themselves.

At The Electric Connection, we provide free estimates on your installation and a complete EV charger installation service. We know what you need and will discuss your options with you. Contact us for a dependable charging system that lets you enjoy your Tesla.

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