Glendale Electrician – Why Copper Wires?

Whether you know it or not, copper wires are the most commonly used type of wires in our home electrical systems. Why is it that your electrician in Glendale and any electrical utility company values the use of this type of wiring over all of the other technologies available? The simplest answer is that copper wiring is just the best solution for the job. Copper wiring is extremely ductile and malleable. Furthermore, it has superior heat and electrical conductivity. Because of these properties combined with the fact that it is robust and rustproof, copper wiring is a nearly perfect material for any electrical wiring. The properties outlined above allow copper wiring to carry our electrical currents over distances that are much longer than wires made up of other materials.

By far, the most desired property of copper wiring is its incredible conductivity. When compared with other non-precious metals, copper comes out on top in regards to conductivity every time. Because of its robustness, it can also carry a larger amount of electricity for the particular diameter of that wire. What this means for an electrician as that copper wiring will experience less loss as the electricity moves through it. To further add to its case, copper wiring has the chemical makeup that make it highly resistant to the harsh environments that many wires must stand up to. It can withstand many different elements, is corrosion resistant and will not rust. For this reason, it is highly prized as an ideal electrical conductor.

Chances are, the walls in your home are filled with copper wires of all different shapes and sizes. Your Glendale electrician took great care to plan out and install a system that was ideal for the needs of your home. Because copper wiring was used, you can be assured that they will last for many years to come, all the while providing you with a high quality electrical current.

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