Holiday Lighting


LED decorative lights are a fantastic option for your home decorations this Halloween, Thanksgiving and Holiday Seasons. They are safer than non-LED lights, consume less power and produce less heat. There are numerous types for both indoor and outdoor use.


Tips for Your Outdoor Holiday Lighting:


1. Be sure to plug your holiday lights into an outlet that is protected with a GFCI receptacle.

GFCIs are there for safety, they’re particularly important outdoors since rain or any water present where electricity flows can become a serious electrical hazard or safety concern. GFCIs protect anyone who gets anywhere near the lights in wet conditions from the chances of an accidental shock.

2. Consider installing an additional receptacle in a location near to where you plug in your holiday lights.

Many people use extension cords to get power to their holiday lights, which may be hazardous when the extension cords aren’t adequately protected, instead of using extension cords, another option is to add a receptacle or receptacles at the location where the lights plug in so that they can connect directly to a receptacle rather than an extension cord.

3. Consider putting in a switch or time clock for your outdoor holiday lights

Rather than having to plug in and then unplug your Holiday lights each night, it’s a lot easier to set your lights up on either a switch or a time clock that automatically turns them on and off each day. Switches, especially timer switches, can make your holiday lighting easier and pleasant to manage.

Give us a call if you’d like our help with any of you holiday lighting needs. We’re here to help!