Light Fixture Installation Services Near Me

We often see light fixture installations as the easiest tasks of an electrician. Hence, most people try to do them without professional help. A light fixture is described as an electrical device containing an electric lamp. They usually come with an installed switch for users to control the light. For light fixtures to work, they must be connected to a power source. Common examples are your ceiling lights, chandelier, outdoor lights and so on.

An experienced electrician can install any light fixture you need in your house or commercial building. Here are some types of light fixtures installation services.

Recessed light fixture service
This type of light fixture is usually installed above the ceiling with about 6 inches clearance and insulation to avoid the effects of condensation. The insulation is important for recessed lights because lights can heat up and with one above the ceiling there is little exposure to air like other fixtures.

Recessed lights are different from other lights as they do not spread. They send a narrow band of light in a single direction. Recessed light installations are ideal for task lighting, ambient lighting, or accent lighting.

Architectural light fixture service
Architectural lighting refers to lights integrated into a room’s structure. They are of 3 types which are cove, soffit, and valance. Cove lights are installed in areas like a ledge or shelf. Soffit lighting is located on a corner or edge of the ceiling. While cove lighting bounces on the wall, soffit lighting washes the walls with light. Valance lighting is usually placed over a window or high up on a wall. It is located in either glass, metal, or wood. Its rays also bounce off the walls. Architectural lighting is vital in every home or building and is used as ambient lighting.

Other types of light fixtures include track lights which are mounted from the ceiling. The fixture is linear; that is along a track, adjustable, and commonly used for task lighting purposes. Under cabinet, lights are installed under kitchen cabinets for better illumination with kitchen tasks. There is also pendant lights and chandeliers which are decorative and illuminate a large area.

Choosing an Electrician for Light Fixture Installation Near You

All electrical installations should be carried out by an electrician. Mistakes made by an amateur or inexperienced homeowner with the installation can lead to burning wires, electrical hazards, damaged fixtures, faulty fixtures, and much more. Here are the steps for choosing an electrician near you for light fixtures installation services.

  • When installing chandeliers, always choose an electrician with similar experience. Chandeliers require an expert to be properly mounted and functional. They are different from traditional light fixtures, so care should be taken in this area.
  • Perform a background check on the electrician you hire. If you are hiring from an electrical company, you can look to their portfolio, reviews, and website to get a feel of their work.
  • Ensure the electrical technician is licensed by asking for a copy of the license. This is important to avoid do-overs at extra cost.