Light Fixture Installation Services Near Me

We often see light fixture installations as the easiest tasks of an electrician. Hence, most people try to do them without professional help. A light fixture is described as an electrical device containing an electric lamp. They usually come with an installed switch for users to control the light. For light fixtures to work, they must be connected to a power source. Common examples are your ceiling lights, chandelier, outdoor lights and so on.

An experienced electrician can install any light fixture you need in your house or commercial building. Here are some types of light fixtures installation services.

Recessed light fixture service
This type of light fixture is usually installed above the ceiling with about 6 inches clearance and insulation to avoid the effects of condensation. The insulation is important for recessed lights because lights can heat up and with one above the ceiling there is little exposure to air like other fixtures.

Recessed lights are different from other lights as they do not spread. They send a narrow band of light in a single direction. Recessed light installations are ideal for task lighting, ambient lighting, or accent lighting.

Architectural light fixture service
Architectural lighting refers to lights integrated into a room’s structure. They are of 3 types which are cove, soffit, and valance. Cove lights are installed in areas like a ledge or shelf. Soffit lighting is located on a corner or edge of the ceiling. While cove lighting bounces on the wall, soffit lighting washes the walls with light. Valance lighting is usually placed over a window or high up on a wall. It is located in either glass, metal, or wood. Its rays also bounce off the walls. Architectural lighting is vital in every home or building and is used as ambient lighting.

Other types of light fixtures include track lights which are mounted from the ceiling. The fixture is linear; that is along a track, adjustable, and commonly used for task lighting purposes. Under cabinet, lights are installed under kitchen cabinets for better illumination with kitchen tasks. There is also pendant lights and chandeliers which are decorative and illuminate a large area.

Choosing an Electrician for Light Fixture Installation Near You

All electrical installations should be carried out by an electrician. Mistakes made by an amateur or inexperienced homeowner with the installation can lead to burning wires, electrical hazards, damaged fixtures, faulty fixtures, and much more. Here are the steps for choosing an electrician near you for light fixtures installation services.

  • When installing chandeliers, always choose an electrician with similar experience. Chandeliers require an expert to be properly mounted and functional. They are different from traditional light fixtures, so care should be taken in this area.
  • Perform a background check on the electrician you hire. If you are hiring from an electrical company, you can look to their portfolio, reviews, and website to get a feel of their work.
  • Ensure the electrical technician is licensed by asking for a copy of the license. This is important to avoid do-overs at extra cost.

New Lighting Installation in Your Home

recessed lighting installationAn electrical contractor will always tell you that good lighting is everything. These are not empty words as both homeowners and store owners can agree. The benefits and functions of light in any location are numerous. It is one of the primary reasons we use electricity. Lighting illuminates a space to give you clarity and vision, but in contemporary times they do even more. Lights can boost your business in a commercial building. They can improve security, productivity, and efficiency. Also, studies have shown that lights can be associated with good mood and a relaxed mind.

Lighting installations are performed by electrical technicians. These installations range from simple tasks such as light fixtures to more complex installations like recessed lighting. To give you some insight, here are different types of new lighting installations.

Track lighting
Like the name sounds, track lighting involves more than one light installed along a fixture. These lights can be controlled to light up any general direction. This makes them efficient. Track lighting can also add beauty to a place because of their unique placement.

Recessed lights
These lights are installed in the ceiling but are different because the fixtures cannot be seen. You can think of recessed lighting as a bulb pushed into the ceiling till all you can see is the light emanating from a circle above. There are a variety of recessed lights but you should hire a professional electrician to install them.

Wall lighting
Wall light fixtures protrude from drywall. They have to be hard-wired into your home. People mostly use wall lighting for aesthetic purposes. They also offer a wide variety in design.

Pendant lighting and Chandeliers
This is the category for chandeliers and other dropping light fixtures. They light up any space but also have decorative functions. Chandeliers have several forms and are often called premium lights. They might not drop to the ground but their exotic structures add length to these lights. Pendant lighting and chandeliers should be chosen and installed carefully because they are very visible and can set a theme for their location.

Under cabinet lights
You would want under cabinet lights installed in the kitchen to aid you during food preparation. They can also be any size and shape.

Tips for Choosing Lighting Installations in the Home

  • Always consider the ceiling height when deciding what installations to use. Low ceilings work better with recessed lights and not pendant lights.
  • It is important to know your lighting installations plan before construction of your home. This way the structure doesn’t deprive you of the fixtures you desire. However, if you live in a rented apartment, your choices might be limited to following the already provided structure.
  • There is no rule against infusing creativity in your lighting installation plans. Discuss your ideas with the electrical contractor to know if they are possible.
  • Ensure that you think of function before aesthetics. Hence, your first lighting installations should be exterior lights, basement lights, lights in the stairs, and so on.

Recessed Lighting Installation

pot lightingRecessed lighting are also known as downlights. They differ from regular lighting that drops from the ceiling. Recessed lighting is installed within the ceiling and only the shining light can be seen. They appear as a light shining from a hole in the ceiling.

These lights vary in size and shape like regular lights. They comprise of two visible parts called the trim and baffles. Trim refers to the metal or plastic circle that fits on the ceiling helping to secure it. The baffles are the inner insert that helps to reflect the light. The shape and form of the baffle would determine how the light is reflected.

A lot of buildings use recessed lighting instead of other types of lighting. Their installation requires an electrical technician to avoid problems. You can hire an electrician that offers recessed lighting installation near you. These lights are unique and suitable for movie theatres, stores, kitchens in homes, shower stalls, even schools.

The benefits of recessed lighting installations

  • Waterproof
    Unlike other light fixtures, recessed lighting are waterproof. This makes them suitable for a water-intensive environment like shower stalls. When they come in contact with water, they do not go bad or pose a threat.
  • Always in style
    As more houses are built, manufacturers continuously come up with new products or designs. Some light fixtures are recognized as relics of the past because later models replaced them. Recessed lights are different because they are unusual and trend-proof. They do not go out of style and this makes them a good option for commercial buildings.
  • No visible fixtures
    This is a valuable benefit of recessed lights. They make ceilings look neat and organized as the fixtures lay hidden within the ceiling. Other types of lights such as lamps and dropping ceiling lights have exposed fixtures which can be dangerous and give the ceiling a busy appearance.
  • Full room illumination
    Lights sometimes can reach only a limited space when installed, but with the proper recessed lighting installation near you, the room can become fully illuminated. This is highly beneficial.
  • Suitable for low ceilings
    There are some parts of the home such as basements, with a low ceiling. Regular light will not be suitable for such rooms. Recessed lighting is an ideal option for low ceilings because they occupy less space but illuminate the room as needed.

Why you need a professional for recessed lighting installation near you
There are DIY methods available for homeowners or property owners to attempt installing recessed lights themselves. However, it is always better to call an experienced electrician from The Electric Connection for your electrical services.

Recessed lighting has to be properly installed to ensure they are secured to the ceiling. There is also the matter of insulation. Some recessed lights need to be covered with insulation to prevent the heat given off from starting a fire or other problems. An electrical technician will professionally complete the installation within stipulated electrical codes. This guarantees durability and allows you to seek the opinion of the electrician for the appropriate recessed lights to install.

Installing Recessed Lighting for Dramatic Effect

los angeles recessed lightingRecessed lighting can make an old room stunning again. By installing recessed lighting, you can make any room in your home look and feel brand new. Most people think you need to have access to the attic or tear up the ceilings to install new lighting, but that actually isn’t the case! With the help of a professional electrician, you can install recessed lighting in any room of your home.

If you’re thinking about adding new recessed lighting in your home but don’t want to create a mess, you’re in luck. A licensed electrician can help you get recessed lighting installed with no hassle at all. The only clean up necessary is a little bit of patching work. With a simple, small slot cut into the ceiling, an electrician is able to thread the wires through. This helps complete the project with minimal damage to your home.

Recessed lighting, or canned lighting, is a great way to accent different areas in a room. It’s great for kitchens to help illuminate different countertops but can be used in really any situation. This type of lighting is made of metal light housings that are installed just about the ceiling. The only thing visible is a small trim and a little bit of inner baffle. They are usually from 3″ to 6″ in diameter.

Canned lights are best used in situations that required illumination only, rooms with low ceilings, and in areas that require waterproofing. In addition to use in the kitchen, showers are a great place to install recessed lighting. It’s usually unwise to use them in situations that require a directional light or near insulation.

It’s best to discuss all of your concerns with your electrician before starting a new lighting project. They will help you understand what type of lighting is best in every area of your home. The electrician will tell you what you need and where you need it. When you work with a professional electrician, you can be sure that your next lighting project will be completed efficiently and correctly.

The Electric Connection of Los Angeles has been providing homeowners and businesses alike with expert electrical services for over 35 Years. We’ve built a company of highly experienced, certified electricians to serve your electrical needs.

Can Recessed Lighting Touch Insulation

recessed lighting installationA good look and design might not always be associated with efficiency. As homeowners, we want to be proud of our homes and we want to show them off to family, friends, and neighbors. The lighting in our homes should be modest unless you’re trying to display a beautiful lamp. The ideal range of an energy bill is low but that doesn’t mean we should cut corners.

Recessed lighting is a great choice if you want unobtrusive and energy efficient lighting but it can become very got. When turned on, a recessed light fixture produces a lot of heat inside the housing. This, in turn, makes the housing, which is located inside the ceiling, hot itself. Since recessed lighting is installed inside the ceiling, there is a chance that it may come into contact with insulation. This can often lead to fire hazards if not installed properly.

Fortunately, there is a solution. IC-rated recessed can lights are built with an outer wall that protects against any combustions that may occur if insulation were to come into contact with the housing.

What if you already have recessed lighting installed?

If you are unsure what type of recessed lighting you have installed and are worried it may be a potential fire hazard, it might be best to contact a local electrician. The electrician will be able to determine if the lighting you have is IC-rated, if it’s too close to the insulation, and if you need new lighting installed. You can also check yourself. Simply find the tag on the housing unit to see if it says “Type IC” or “Non-IC”. If you’re lighting is IC-rated, you are good to go. If not, you need to find out if it is too close to the insulation or not. If you have an accessible attic space, you can do this easily. If not, it may require a little more finesse.

If you do not already have IC-rated recessed lighting and the fixtures are close to the insulation, you have two choices: remove the insulation or contact an electrician for help. Unfortunately, removing the insulation might not be the best solution as you are messing with your home’s environment. Contacting an electrician for advice is the best bet here. They will be able to provide you with solutions that best fit your needs and that will keep your home safe.

The Electric Connection has been installing all types of lighting in the Los Angeles area for over 30 years. We have technicians providing excellent electrical services all over the city. If you need recessed lighting installed or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Installing Recessed Lights in 2018

recessed lightingWhen you think about installing recessed lighting, it might seem like a quick and easy process but in reality, there is a lot that goes into it. The first step is to choose the right recessed lighting for your room.

When looking at recessed lighting, there are two different components you need to consider – the housing and the trim. These can both be sold separately. The housing can be found in the ceiling and holds all the electrical components. The trim is what is seen below the ceiling and includes the style and the directional parts of the light.

The next thing to consider when installing recessed lighting is what you actually want the lighting to do. Speak with your designer or your contractor to set up a lighting plan. In this plan, you should decide what you want your recessed lighting to do. Are you looking to provide a general lighting for the room, highlight artwork, or add additional lighting to the already set up lighting? Recessed lighting is very flexible.

Choose your style next. Recessed lighting can be hidden but you can also use to show off the style of your room. You can choose the trim, shape, and style of your recessed lighting. From different colors to shapes, use your recessed lighting to complement other areas in your room.

Recessed lighting is a great choice for your home’s lighting system. A professional electrician can recommend the best set up for your situation.

The Electric Connection has been providing Los Angeles and the surrounding areas with electrical services for over 30 years. Our electricians are experts in installing every type of lighting on the market. Please contact us to get on the schedule!

3 Ways to Utilize Recessed Lighting

los angeles recessed lightingWhen you are considering what types of lighting to use in your home, it’s important to think about how best to highlight the best features of a room, create an atmosphere that is inviting, and improve the functionality of a room. You need to choose the best mix of lighting to give your room the most life. Recessed lighting is an excellent way to create an inviting and functional room that is sure to keep you and your family happy.

How is recessed lighting best used?

Recessed lighting has many functionalities and can be used in pretty much any room in your home. We have compiled a list of the three best ways to utilize recessed lighting. Read on to learn more!

Bathroom Lighting

When you think about lighting your home, you might overlook the bathroom. Common homes have one single light overhead which can be inadequate for lighting the different areas in your bathroom. Using recessed lighting in your bathroom can bring style and functionality to your space which can help you both relax and unwind as well as get ready for a night out.

You can use recessed lighting in the bathroom in more than just the ceiling. Place the light fixtures around a mirror to create the perfect bathroom mirror. When used with other types of light fixtures, recessed lighting can help create a very even and shadow-free lighting that normal ceiling light fixtures cannot.

Since recessed lighting has housings that can get wet, they are ideal for inside the shower or over a tub. Add an additional light inside your shower to see better when getting clean.

Dramatic Effect

If you have artwork you want to show off in your home, recessed lighting gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. Recessed lighting can give you that perfect dramatic effect when lighting photos or sculptures.

Certain fixtures have movable parts. With adjustable recessed lighting trims, you can angle the light in whichever direction you wish. This gives you more ways to light your home.

Kitchen Lighting

Many kitchens are very underlit leaving it hard to see when cooking or entertaining. Lighting can be an afterthought when you are focusing on creating the perfect kitchen setting. Recessed lighting can be the perfect solution for a kitchen’s needs. It can be placed overhead of a preparing area so you can have the best view of what you’re working on. Combined with other types of light fixtures, you can have the best kitchen around.

There are many ways to utilize recessed lighting in your home – these are just three examples. If you have any questions about the type of lighting needed for your home, consult with a professional electrician today.

The Electric Connection has been providing lighting services to the Los Angeles area for over 30 years. We would be happy to provide you with an idea of what best works for your home. Give us a call during business hours to speak with a specialist!

Best Outdoor Lighting for Homes

Best Outdoor LightingTaking on a new lighting project can be difficult and confusing. You need to decide what type of lighting you want to use. Then figure out which fixtures work best in each room. Do you want dimmable lighting? How about lighting on timers? There’s a lot of decision making that goes into a new lighting project.

Outdoor lighting is a completely different story. While there are safety concerns when changing the lighting inside your home, you have to deal with the climate changes outside. All lighting outside must use outdoor-rated fixtures. This means that it must be fit for use with all the weather changes. If it rains, it needs to be safe from water. While it sounds like a difficult task, when an outdoor lighting project is completed, it can be very rewarding.

Which Outdoor Lighting To Install?

Choosing what type of outdoor lighting you want to install is the first step. Decide what you are trying to accomplish with your lights. Do you want to highlight your landscape features? Is your walkway too dark and you need more security? Or do you just want to see your friends’ and family’s faces while enjoying a nice evening on your patio? Figuring out your objective will help narrow down the best outdoor lighting to install.

When to Install Outdoor Lighting?

The best time to install the lighting outdoors depends, again, on what type of lighting you need. A simple fixture on a wall can be added at any time. If you’re looking to highlight your garden and want to hide the wires, the best time to install it would be before you plant your next prize-winning rose bush. This way you can hide all the wire underground without disturbing your beloved plants. An electrician can better guide you after taking a walk through of your outdoor space.

Why Choose Outdoor Lighting?

There are a lot of reasons to install outdoor lighting. These range from wanting to show off your new garden or to entertaining family and friends. Your outdoor space can become almost like a new room in your home when properly lit. Here are some reasons why you might want to add lighting to the outside of your home.

  • Safety and security
  • Highlight features of your yard
  • Entertaining friends or family on a patio
  • Lighting the pool for a nighttime swim
  • Another decorative device

You can see there are a lot of reasons to install outdoor lighting at your home. To figure out which outdoor lighting is best for you, consult an electrician. They will be able to help you decide what works best for your outdoor space and your budget.

The Electric Connection in Los Angeles has been providing electrical services to the people in and around the city for over 30 years. We are happy to help pick out what outdoor lighting for your pool or yard is the best. We offer many different lighting services. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Please give us a call if you have any questions at (818) 446-0888.

Los Angeles Recessed Lighting

recessed lightingYou might be wondering, “why choose recessed lighting?” Well, when it comes to both residential and commercial properties, recessed lighting is one of the most versatile choices for lighting a room. Installed recessed lighting, also known as recessed cans or can lighting, can not only help bring unique lighting to your home but can also stay hidden and blend into the design of your room. It’s highly customizable to fit into any space – even outdoors.

There are many different names for recessed lighting: can lighting, downlight lights, recessed cans. It gets its name from the way it is housed. The housing units for recessed lighting look like cans – it’s metal and cylindrical and recesses into the ceiling.

When to Install Recessed Lighting

It’s best used where hanging fixtures just won’t do but looks good pretty much anywhere. It can also be used to highlight the features in a room as well as use a spotlight. Our customers especially love using recessed lighting in their kitchens to help illuminate the countertops. There are so many options out there, the only hard part is deciding what recessed lighting for kitchen.

Which Recessed Lighting Is the Best

If you’re wondering which recessed lighting to install in your home, consider a few things first…

Decide what you are trying to accomplish. Recessed lighting might not be the best bet for you if you are trying to light a large dining room that features a giant dining room table. For this, perhaps a nice chandelier would be a better fit. Recessed lighting is better used when there is little space.

Figure out how much space you have. Recessed lighting comes in all different shapes and sizes. Determining how much space will allow you to purchase the right fixtures the first time.

Consult with an electrician. Electricians are experts at installing recessed lighting. If you have a project that you’re running into issues with, considering consulting with an electrician to move the project along.

Recessed Lighting Issues

If you are having issues with currently installed recessed lighting, you might need an electrician to come out to take a look. There are many reasons that recessed lighting would not be turning on so it’s best to contact an electrician to have them troubleshoot the problem.

When it won’t work with your design or budget there are alternatives to installing recessed lighting. Consult with an electrician to determine the best lighting fixtures to buy. Be sure to mention where you want to install the lighting, how much space you have available, what your budget is, and the overall look of the room. They will be glad to come up with some options for you to choose so you can have the best looking home around.

The Electric Connection has been advising customers on the best lighting solutions for their homes for over 30 years. Installing recessed lighting in residential homes is our specialty. Be sure to visit our lighting page, here, to learn more about all we have to offer. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Lighting 101 by Electrician in Santa Monica

If you are redesigning a room in your house, it is important you look beyond the paint color on the walls and the type of flooring in the room. You need to take a long, hard look at the lighting. It isn’t just about replacing tired, old fixtures. It is about making a room pop with the just right amount and right style of lighting. There is no one size fits all when it comes to lighting. Each space requires something a little different explains and electrician. Santa Monica homeowners who are ready to revamp their space with a new lighting look will want to call The Electric Connection to take care of the lighting transformation.

One of the most important considerations for changing up the lighting in the room is determining what the area is going to be used for. This will decide how much and what kind of light you need to make it gorgeous and functional. Using fixtures that match the décor is also an important deciding factor.

Entryways and hallways that have little to no natural light will benefit from lighting directed at the walls and ceilings. Recessed lighting with medium brightness is perfect for these areas says a Santa Monica electrician. Kitchens deserve all the lighting you can put into the space. Bright LEDS on a track lighting system are a perfect choice. You can add some pizazz by installing pendant lights over a center island.

Living rooms are typically best served with a medium to low light scheme. Use table lamps for areas where you need additional light for reading or other focused tasks. Ceiling fans with adjustable lighting are a good choice in this area suggests an electrician in Santa Monica. Have some fun picking out fixtures and then give The Electric Connection a call to have them installed.