Low-Cost Tesla Charger Installation

tesla chargerHaving an electric car or a Tesla is already a great way to save on costs such as maintenance and fueling. It equally helps the environment and can make owning a car more convenient.

Despite the lack of high maintenance and fueling costs, installing a Tesla charger can be a bit financially demanding. Read on to discover the average costs and how to obtain a low-cost Tesla charger installation.

Electric Car Charging Station Costs

The average cost range for a home EV charging station is $850-$2,200. The minimum cost is $300 for replacing a level 1 charging solution and maximum cost $4,500 across all home charging solutions.

Level 1 charging solutions use a 120volt outlet. They are cost-effective, portable, and ideal for those who drive long distances. Payment of up to $300 is only necessary when you need a second charger or a replacement. The drawback of level 1 charging solutions is the slow charging time, which can be as much as 24 hours for a full charge.

Level 2 charging solutions are the most commonly used by EV drivers. They offer faster charging of just a few hours but come with a higher installation cost than level 1. Level 2 charges use a 240volts outlet, are equally portable, and can be installed via mounting or hardwiring. Level 2 charging stations often come with extra features like Wifi connectivity and can be specific to a type of car. The costs for this charging solution range from $300 – $1200.

Tesla Charger Installation Costs

Tesla electric vehicles require special chargers or adaptors if the need arises to charge a Tesla vehicle with another charging station. All Tesla EV comes with the standard level 1 chargers that work easily with a 120volt outlet.

For a level 2 charger, it’s advisable to purchase any of Tesla’s specific charging stations. These usually cost about $500 with installation costs and any other expenses rounding up to around $1,100.

Tesla Charger Installation with Other Brands.

If you are looking to purchase other brands of charging stations for your Tesla vehicle, your list can easily be narrowed down to just very few brands compatible with Tesla. One of these options is JuiceBox, which costs between $570 and $600. JuiceBox features include compatibility with Tesla, durability, a locking feature, and Wifi connectivity. It has to be mounted for use.

General Costs Involved in Tesla Charger Installation

With the level 1 charging option, you can save up on hiring an electrician. Using the level 2 option, however, will require an electrician to install the unit. The average cost per hour for hiring an electrician ranges from $65 to $85. You might also need permits to carry out the installation and this can attract a total cost of $100 – $200. Opting for a wall mount can also add another $300 – $600 to the installation cost.