Pasadena House Rewire Tips

electrician pulling wires through wallIf you stay in your Pasadena house long enough – especially an old home – you will have to rewire sooner than later.

A house rewire comes with benefits that outweigh the complexity of the project.

It helps to reduce the risk of life or property in your Pasadena home, renew your electrical connections, and bring your home up to today’s electrical codes. Rewiring your home can even help you save on things like your home insurance premium, the electrical bill, and future electrical spending.

Here are some quick things to note about a Pasadena house rewire-

  • This project differs greatly from your usual electrical needs in that a house rewire usually takes a few days.
  • House rewiring is not a suitable DIY project because it’s complex and dangerous for inexperienced hands.
  • Within the time of your house rewire, different parts of the house will be without electricity.

Tips for rewiring your Pasadena home-

Upgrade the electrical panel

This might already be part of your house rewiring project, but if not, you should consider it. Upgrade your electrical panel to one with a larger capacity. This can save you money and the stress of actually doing it all over again in the long run. If your home is an old house, it might run on a 60amps panel which is dangerous and insufficient for a modern house needs. ‘

Upgrade to at least 100 amps but up to 200 amps is much better as a way of future-proofing your wiring.

Think months to years ahead.

House rewiring in Pasadena isn’t something you do often. Rewiring a home is only necessary under certain conditions that often take a long time. So it’s best to get it right now. Consider future-proofing your home by thinking ahead to appliances you might install with time. Homes are growing smarter if anything so, wiring for WI-FI, sound, lighting, pool, gadgets, and so on can be included. Discuss this with your electrician before the project starts.

Don’t hire just anyone

The electrician in Pasadena you hire will determine the success of the house rewire. For your safety and to get value for your money – because house rewires do cost significant sums – make sure you don’t hire just anyone.

Hire a licensed electrician who is recommended by others. Ensure that the electrical contractor is familiar with your case. If you live in an old home, hire someone who has rewired old homes. Get a detailed contract and proof of certifications like insurance before signing and paying the deposit.

Get the installations right

The electrician must include some basic installations during a house rewire. They include three-pronged outlets, GFCIs, and dedicated circuits. Don’t cut corners on these as they are relevant for your safety.

Figure out clean up

You will probably have a messy home on your hands after the house rewire. You can avoid this by planning ahead. Discuss with your electrician about clean-up as some contractors can make arrangements for that. If not, plan to either DIY or hire a cleaning team.