Power Outage Guidelines Provided by Electrician Santa Monica Relies On

Rolling power outages can be a royal pain. It seems like they strike just when you have put dinner in the oven or sat down to watch your favorite television show. Typically, the blackout is over within a few hours and life goes back to normal. However, those few hours without power will require you to do a few things in order to ensure everything powers back on normally when the electricity is back on provided by your electrician. Santa Monica residents should consider writing this list down and keeping it handy. You can always call The Electric Connection if you would like a more detailed explanation about anything on the list.

First and foremost, ensure your family is safe. If anybody is in darkened rooms, calmly guide everybody into one area to wait out the power outage. This will help keep you occupied and hey, it can actually make for some excellent family time. No lights, no electronics means no distractions!

1-Unplug all of your small appliances and electronics. This will prevent damage from happening when the power does come back on. When electricity is restored, power surges through the lines and can damage to things like computers, game consoles and even televisions.

2-Tell everybody to stay out of the refrigerator and freezer. Leaving the doors closed will preserve the cool temperatures inside the spaces and keep your food safe. You can expect your refrigerated foods to stay fresh for 4 hours without electricity and up to 24 hours in the freezer.

3-Open the doors and windows to allow airflow through the home says your electrician. Santa Monica residents will appreciate a cool breeze to help keep the air from becoming stagnant during a power outage.

If you would like more information about what you should do when the power goes out, give The Electric Connection a call today.