How Much Power Do Window AC Units Use?

air conditioner powerWhen you are not up for the huge investment on a central AC, a window AC may be your next best option. A window AC is typically installed at the window but unlike a central AC, they only service the rooms they are installed in. Only a central AC can cool all or many rooms at once. Read on as we explore what a window AC could mean for your energy bills.

A window AC unit consumes less than 1/3 of the energy used by a central AC. It is a cost-effective option when you have just one or a few window ACs. It is vital to know that the power demands can increase drastically if you install many of these units.

Before installing an AC, it is important to confirm that your electrical system can accommodate the new addition. This is because regardless of the energy-saving capacity of a window AC, it is still more powerful than almost all other units in the home.

A professional electrician can advise you on the installation and equally help to upgrade your panel, create dedicated outlets, and all other electrical components required for the unit. A window AC comes in various sizes and capacity, which also influences the power it consumes. Typically, a standard outlet is suitable for a 115-volt window unit with a 15-amp requirement. However, a larger window unit with between 125 to 220 volts and higher amperage will require a dedicated outlet.

A window unit is cheaper to obtain than other options like a central AC unit and a Ductless unit. But it lacks in the kind of power other air conditioners have.

If you are wondering about other options for AC and cooling, a ductless air conditioner might be a good choice. It costs more than the window unit initially, but it also packs more power. Also, in the long run, a ductless air conditioner saves you more money on the energy bill.

Central AC units are a great option, but they contribute a large chunk to the electric bill. If you must use them, employ energy-saving tips to cut down on energy costs.

Who should install a window AC unit?

Only a professional and licensed technician should install your window AC unit or any other unit. At the Electric Connection, we are experts in installing units like the AC to enhance comfort in your home. You can reach out to us to help you decide on the best energy-saving methods and install your AC unit.