Can I Upgrade to a 200 Amp Service?

panel upgradeIn the past, many homes could get away with using at most a 60 – 100 Amp service. But as technology evolves every day and homeowners are exposed to more and more appliances, 100 Amps can no longer cut it for most homes.

Knowing if you can upgrade to a 200 Amp service panel involves considering a few key points. Stick with these lines to learn more.

You can upgrade to a 200 Amp service under the following conditions:

You need more electrical power
Have you added or do you plan to add any new appliance in your home? If so, don’t be in a hurry to upgrade your panel. Check the amount of power needed by this new appliance. Several appliances require a moderate amount of power that do not need you to make drastic changes to your panel. While power-hungry appliances like an Air conditioner will need much power to operate.

Hence, if you are adding appliances such as cell phones, LED TV, and an incandescent light bulb, there’s no need to worry. Appliances like an air conditioner, electric clothes dryer, electric range, or hot tub can be a reason to upgrade your amp service.

Your home is old
Older homes usually have a lower amp panel and the electrical wiring can be worn out from years of use. This limits the efficiency of your home and certainly calls for an upgrade. You will need a professional electrician to inspect your electrical system and inform you about the status of your wiring.

You want a safer electrical system
100 Amp may not trip breakers now but it is cutting it too close for electrical safety. When you have a larger amperage like 200 Amps, the unused extra serves as a buffer that is safe and flexible for your system. With a 100 Amp panel in a modern home, half of your safe capacity is taken up from simply switching on one appliance. If there’s an issue and you are lucky, the breaker will trip. In older homes, any unlucky situation involving a 100 Amp panel can trigger an electrical fire.

You want efficiency and room to grow
A 200 Amp service guarantees greater efficiency of your home. It gives you room to grow at any time you choose. You might not need it now, but who says you won’t want a backyard pool in the future? Or perhaps a basement bar or one of these power-hungry devices you do not have now?

The electrician says so
The most dependable way to know if you can upgrade to a 200 Amp panel is to ask an electrician. A professional electrician will check your current electrical system and give accurate advice on what is needed. If you do need an upgrade the electrician can provide that as well.

A panel upgrade is a serious project so be sure to hire only a licensed, qualified, and insured electrician. Reach out to us here for this service and more.