Relocating a 220 Volt Outlet in Los Angeles

220 volt outletA 220-volt outlet is the most powerful outlet in the home. It is built for power-demanding appliances, like ovens, dryers, and more. You can identify 220-volt outlets as outlets that are larger and different-looking than others. They usually have either 3 prong or 4 prong holes.

If you are renovating, remodeling, or moving any of these power-demanding appliances, you would have to move or install new 220-volt outlets to serve them.

Relocating or installing a new 220-volt outlet is always ideal because it sets the outlet behind the appliance, giving the room a clean look. It also helps to eliminate dangerous situations from using electrical extension cords.

Use the following steps to relocate your 220-volt outlet.

  • Safety first.
    Before you get started with the relocation, shut off the power to the area of appliances. Next, take out the outlet cover and remove the outlet from the box. You can use an electrical tester to confirm that there is no power in the outlet. If possible, let others in the home know you will be working with electricity and the power has to remain off till you are done. Try to use rubber-handed tools and even a high-voltage glove to be sure of safety.
  • Choose and prep your new location
    Choose the new location of the appliance and mark out the spot for the outlet on the wall in that spot. Cut open the drywall using the same dimensions as the existing outlet.
  • Remove the wires
    Run the wires from the existing location to the new one. Ensure you use a stud finder to identify the stud where the outlet will be mounted.
  • Mount the outlet
    Cut a new wire and run it from the old location to the new one. Then cut two inches of sheathing from the ends of the wire. Pull off half-inch of insulation from the black, red, and white leads on both ends. Nail the gang box for the outlet to the stud. Connect the wires that go into the old outlet’s gang box. Cover each with a wire nut and electrical tape. Run the opposite end of the new wire into the gang box, leaving up to 8 inches of wire coming in. Connect the black and red wires to the positive terminals and white wire to the negative terminals. Attach the mud rings to the gang box and slide the outlet in. Make the connection to the mud ring, place the new cover on the outlet, and screw in.
  • You can use drywall patches to patch the old outlet location.

    Before using the outlet you can reach out to an electrician to inspect the installation for safety reasons. You can also contact us for further inquiries.

    Call a Local Electrician

    Relocating a 220 volt outlet requires the help of a local Los Angeles electrician. The Electric Connection is just one phone call away. Give us a call any time Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm PST and one of our dispatchers will be happy to talk with you. They’ll get you on schedule with a professional electrician who can help complete your project in no time at all!