Should I Have An Electrician Install A Chandelier Near Me?

hanging chandelierPeople either think chandeliers are too fancy, traditional, or just right for their homes.

There are several benefits of choosing to hang a chandelier and here are some:

  • Chandeliers help you save more space. If you need a table or floor lighting for small areas, you can substitute it with a chandelier. There are various styles and sizes to help you find what best suits your needs.
  • They give you more impact. There’s no ignoring how a chandelier can transform even a plain room into a magical space. It immediately grabs attention and highlights the best parts of the room.
  • Chandeliers are versatile in the home décor space. No matter the look, feel, or vibe you are going for, there’s likely a chandelier to match it perfectly.

Best areas to hang a chandelier in the home

  • The dining room.

This is an obvious place to start with shimmering chandelier lights to create an enchanting dining space that even visitors can be amazed by.

  • The living room

Give your most visited part of the home some sparkle or class with a fitting chandelier. Use it to complement your décor.

  • The bedroom.

Could any other room need a chandelier as badly as the bedroom? A pro tip is to choose designs with candle lights or something that speaks comfort.

Rules for hanging a chandelier

  • Pick the right size.

A large room can swallow a small chandelier and unbalance the space. Always consider the room’s the room’s length and width measurements to determine the right chandelier size.

  • Operation

A chandelier always produces a large amount of light, especially if the chandelier is large. Consider installing a dimmer switch to operate your chandelier to reduce the amount of light it produces. Or customize the mode of operation based on your needs.

  • Height and location.

Always hang your chandelier at the proper height. Ensure your ceiling will support the weight of your chandelier wherever you choose to hang it.

Who installs a chandelier?

An experienced electrician near you should install the chandelier. While you may be able to install a chandelier yourself depending on your experience with light fixtures, installing a chandelier can be dangerous.

You undertake the risks of falling, dropping the chandelier, or shocking yourself when you choose to DIY the installation.

An electrician near you is a better option for the following reasons –

  • They have access to resources you may not have
  • A professional electrician is skilled at this, and better equipped to handle the risks
  • Any experienced electrician has likely installed dozens of chandeliers over the years, so you can be confident they know what they’re doing.
  • They are your only option when you need to install a chandelier in a spot that isn’t already wired.

The costs for the installation vary from home to home depending on factors like labor costs, size of the chandelier, location, height, already wired or not wired area, and so on.

When you reach out to your trusted and licensed electrician, they can provide an accurate quote.