Tesla Charger Installations in Beverly Hills Homes

tesla wiringStatistics show that over 4.8 million electric vehicles were in use globally in 2019. With sales of electric cars rising each year, owning one might just be a healthy trend here to stay.

If you’ve joined the growing number of EV drivers, then you probably know owning these sleek and convenient Tesla vehicles involves establishing a solution for charging needs.

Most people install a charger in their Beverly Hills home while others depend on public charging. A Tesla charger installation in your Beverly Hills home is certainly the best option, so read on to see what is involved.

Facts about installing a Tesla charger in the home

  • You may need to upgrade your electrical system

Electric cars charge their battery with electric power, and that requires a lot of electricity. To install a Tesla charger, your home must have the capacity for it, otherwise you’ll need a service upgrade first.

  • There are levels involved

Tesla charger installation in Beverly Hills homes comes with making a choice between slow chargers and fast chargers. These are level 1 and level 2 Tesla chargers, respectively. Installing a level 2 fast charger is always the ideal option, but depending on your needs and preferences you might opt for a level 1. Level 1 chargers are cheaper and will not need you to upgrade your service panel to use them. They draw little power and charge as slowly as 3-5 miles/hour. Level 2 chargers are faster and suitable for home use. They also require expertise to set up, and if your system can’t accommodate the 240-volts level 2 charger/ outlet, you will need that upgrade.

  • You have specific locations for the installation

A Tesla charging station should be installed in your garage or driveway. This is both safer and ideal because they are areas where you park your vehicle overnight. If none of these is workable for you, your electrician can help with determining a suitable spot.

  • Manufacturers play a role

There are various electrical vehicles on the market and not just Tesla. The manufacturers’ instructions or recommendations for your specific EV play a role in many things you do.

How to get Tesla charger installations in Beverly Hills

  1. Find the right electrician

Installing your Tesla charger isn’t a DIY project. You shouldn’t try it yourself at all. You will need a professional electrician who is experienced with EV charger installations. Ask for recommendations near you or skip the hassle and contact us here.

  1. Request a quote

The installation quotes for EV chargers can vary across electricians. Be sure to ask your electrician for his quotes beforehand and compare if you have other options. But never choose based on the cheapest price.

  1. Order your Tesla charger

There are various brands for EV chargers, and Tesla also offers its dedicated charging systems. Order your charger and have it ready for installation.

You can get away with consistent public charging, but it’s not all free and convenient as a charger installed in your Beverly Hills home.