hanging chandelier

Who Can Hang My Chandelier?

hanging chandelierChandeliers can be pretty easy to complex to hang, unlike good ol’ regular light bulbs. So, it’s normal to be uncertain about whom to install your chandelier.

What is a Chandelier? 

When it comes to lighting, nothing creates a more attractive display than a chandelier. Many buildings (industries, companies, hotels, institutes) have adopted diverse means of furnishing and decorating their internal area, all driving the aim of depicting an excellent and beautiful appearance.

Chandeliers are mostly referred to as a physical representation of the sun. They come in different forms, sizes, shapes, and designs.

Some of the many types of chandeliers include Modern chandelier design, Rustic chandelier design, Craftsman chandelier design, and many more.

They all serve the same function, which is typically to capture the significance of light. They remain a beautiful design of adornment. A chandelier hangs from your ceiling and can create a defining statement for the parts of a home or building its installed in.

Who Can Hang My Chandelier?

You can hang a chandelier but only a professional electrician or someone with prior experience and knowledge can hang it the right way.

When installing a chandelier, it’s important to hire an expert electrician to carry out the job to avoid wrong connection or damage.

Chandeliers are not exactly the cheapest lighting on the market, so it’s important to get your installation right.

Where can I hang my chandelier?

When chandeliers were first invented, mostly the wealthy were the only ones to use them.

Fortunately, with development, advancement and growth, chandeliers have become very affordable for you to purchase, giving you the chance to install it in every part of your apartment.

You can give your apartment a unique appearance by installing your chandeliers in places like your living rooms, bedroom, hallway, dining room, and even on your balcony.

To make this more elegant, we advise you to place your chandeliers 30- 32 inches above your table level.


Hiring an expert electrician for the proper installation of your chandelier should be your top concern when choosing a chandelier decoration.

If you’re unsure about the size or type of chandelier to buy for a particular space, you should reach out to an electrician first.

Improper installation of a chandelier could lead to irreversible faults or outright damage, but with The Electric Connection, you need not worry. Schedule a call with us now.