Why Install a Home EV Charger?

install ev charger los angelesElectric vehicles are more common in recent times than one would expect. They offer more comfort, ease of operation, energy saving, and several other benefits. Electric cars were first developed in the 19th century but have only now gained more popularity. There are various models, sizes, colors, and a rich variety of options when it comes to electric vehicles.

Owning an electric car is a great choice, but it also comes with different maintenance methods and requirements from gasoline vehicles. The most significant difference is the need to charge your electric vehicle almost every day.

When an electric car is purchased, it comes with an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) cable that allows you to connect to a power source and charge your vehicle. This brings about the need for an EV charger installation in a good location.

Some communities have public charging that makes it easy to charge your car when you are at work or close to such places. However, most EV owners now tend to consider installing a home EV charger. In the home, you can plug the cable to a simple 120V outlet. The disadvantage of this is that charging time is extremely slow. You may require as much as 14 hours to get a full charge or something substantial. This is known as a Level 1 EVSE.

The second option is the Level 2 ESVE which involves the EV charger installation, dedicated circuit, and a 240V outlet. This is the more efficient option that offers a reduced charging time of as low as 4 hours. It is safer and relatively inexpensive.
There are several reasons why you should install a home EV charger. They include:

  • Comfort
    Comfort is the most obvious reason why you should install a home EV charger. Having this installation makes it easy to charge the electric vehicle before you leave the home each day. This is more convenient than having to search for public charging or bear long hours of waiting to gain adequate power.
  • Low Risks
    The installation of a home EV charger is usually done in a low traffic area of the home like the garage or outdoors. It also has low safety risks because a proper EV charger installation is similar to that of any other power demanding appliance like dryers.
  • Saves time
    The best time and place to charge an electric vehicle is during night time in the home. Not only is it convenient to charge your car as you sleep or get prepared in the morning, but it also saves time. With installation in the garage or outdoors you can charge while you go about other activities in the home.

The EV charger installation in the home should be carried out by a professional electrician. This guarantees that the installation is done following the standard electrical codes and guaranteeing reliability and safety. At The Electric Connection we provide only quality installation services for our clients. Contact us to provide you with an ideal option for charging your electric vehicle.