Surge Protection a Must Says Los Angeles Electrician

electriccon_08_1The power goes off and on at random times and often when you least expect it. When it happens, it is a minor nuisance that requires you to reset clocks and turn back on whatever appliance you are using. You don’t typically think of that few seconds of the power going off and then going right back on as serious. It is. Those little power outages are killing the life of your appliances and damaging your sensitive electronics. Every time the power flickers or surges, anything that is plugged in is basically getting a jolt. An electrician in Los Angeles wants you to save your electronics and appliances by investing surge protection. The team at The Electric Connection can get your home protected in just a few short hours.

Every day, little surges of electricity are sent through the lines and into your home. You may hear your refrigerator compressor kick on when nobody has left the door open or your lights may get suddenly brighter or dim. These are all signs of a power surge explains an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners may notice these things happen if they run more than a couple appliances at a time or when something like the AC unit kicks on. The electricity is pulled from the other appliances and electronics to run the AC, which is a lot like cutting off the supply. This makes everything else, including the AC, work a little harder and not run quite as it should. This is what causes the damage.

The fix is to have a whole house surge protector installed at the electric panel by a Los Angeles electrician. This will control the electrical flow and prevent those surges from happening. If the power goes out and comes right back on, the surge protector will prevent any one appliance from getting a jolt of electricity that may fry the board. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your surge protection installation.