Symptoms of a Bad Electric Panel by Glendale Electrician

glendale electricianElectrical problems in your home can be tough for the average person to diagnose. You only know the symptoms and not the cause. Some symptoms can indicate a whole slew of potential problems, making it difficult for you to determine what exactly is wrong. You could be dealing with a minor problem with an appliance that has nothing to do with your home’s electrical or it could be something far bigger. The best option is to rely on an electrician in Glendale to diagnose the problem. You can call the team at The Electric Connection to set up an appointment for an inspection. From there, one of the trained professionals can determine the exact cause and what is needed to fix the issue.

There are a few warning signs that can help point to a bad electric panel that will need to be upgraded or replaced by a Glendale electrician.

*Breakers seem to trip often and without any real cause. This could indicate a bad breaker or signify a much bigger problem happening within the electric panel.

*If you smell burning wires coming from the general area of the panel, you have a serious problem and need to call an electrician. Glendale homeowners will want to avoid using electricity in their home until the panel can be checked out.

*If a breaker is reset after tripping, but it trips again a few minutes later, it is likely a problem with the electric panel.

*A panel that is more than 20 years old should be inspected just to make sure it is still operating safely. There are some panels that have been proven to be dangerous. These were installed in the 80s and early 90s. Your Glendale electrician can tell you if your panel is one of the brands known to cause issues.

If you are simply not sure whether your electric panel is safe, call The Electric Connection for an inspection to determine if there is anything to be concerned about.