Custom Lighting to Save Money by an Electrician Pasadena Residents Trust

When you have something you are proud of displayed in your home or your office, you likely want to create a display that accentuates the item. Sometimes, you need the perfect lighting scheme to accent a piece of art, a work station or a meeting area. A simple light bulb in a fixture may not be enough. Have you thought about custom lighting?

You may be surprised to learn that custom lighting is often more energy efficient than the old standard fixtures and bulbs. Whether your goal is to light up a specific area with bright light or simply to create a soft glow, you will want to contact an electrician. Pasadena home and business owners can call on The Electric Connection to help establish a lighting scheme that fulfills your wants and needs.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a design that suits your style and is functional. Your electrician can install recessed lighting, track lighting or a gorgeous chandelier-type fixture. Under counter LED lighting is a great way to shed light on countertops and costs very little to operate. While you are thinking about installing new fixtures, you may also want to talk about dimmer switches with your electrician. Licensed Pasadena electricians at can install dimmers throughout your home or office with very little trouble.

The installation of a dimmer switch can help save money on your electric bill, while giving you the freedom to control how much light is emitted at any given time. These are great for dining rooms, hallways and bathrooms. When you combine a dimmer switch with energy efficient CFL bulbs, you are really maximizing your new fixture. By reducing the amount of light being emitted from your bulb by 25 percent, you are creating a 25 percent savings. Give your friendly electrician, The Electric Connection, a call to see how you can start saving money.

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