Electric Heating Options Explained by Electrician in Beverly Hills

With summer on its way out, it is time to prepare for the colder months ahead. There are plenty of options you have when it comes to keeping your home warm. One of the main decisions you have is choosing between electric, propane or natural gas. Each has its benefits, but fossil fuels are increasing in price every day. Electric heat is easy and inexpensive and offers a variety of options.

Your electrician in Beverly Hills is here to explain the different ways you can use electric heat to keep your home warm and comfortable this winter. Electric furnaces are one of the most common methods, but there are also ways to add additional heat in certain rooms without heating the entire house. The Electric Connection has the electricians on hand to answer electrical heating questions you have.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are easily plugged into any outlet in a room that needs additional heat. They heat up a small space rather quickly and are equipped with thermostats to regulate the temperature in the room. There are various sizes of heaters you can purchase depending on the size of the room.

Radiant or Underfloor Heating

This particular type of heating is energy efficient and is quickly growing in popularity. New home construction is an ideal time to have this particular type of heating installed. It involves heated water running through tubes underneath the flooring. The heat rises, warming the room.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are a safe, clean way to get the look of a real fire without the mess or the work. Fans on the fireplace push the warm air into the home, keeping it warm. These will require an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners can rely on The Electric Connection to complete the installation process in a safe and timely manner.