Home Safety by Electrician in Glendale

electricon_06_4It is important you not only feel safe in your home, but are actually relatively safe from most things. We know there are always hidden dangers around us. We can be ready to deal with these things and there are a few little things we can do around the house to help alert us to those safety issues. An electrician in Glendale has some safety tips that will make your home safer and make you feel a little more comfortable and safe when you and your family are home or away. The team at The Electric Connection can help you get these safety measures taken care of.

GFCI Outlets

These outlets can prevent electric shock. They are designed to shut off the instant the circuit is interrupted. These outlets are generally placed in bathrooms and kitchen areas. If an appliance comes into contact with water while plugged in, the outlet trips, cutting the current and preventing shock.

Electric Panel Inspection

It doesn’t hurt to have a Glendale electrician take a look at your electric panel. It may not look like much to you, but to the trained eye of an electrician, it can say a lot. You will learn about the condition of your breakers, the panel itself and the wiring that powers your home. If you have been having trouble with tripping breakers, this inspection will help you learn why.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

All homes should have at least one carbon monoxide detector installed explains an electrician. Glendale homeowners can install the detectors themselves. They are usually battery-powered and can be placed in the home to alert you to carbon monoxide levels that are too high.

Smoke Detectors

You probably already have a couple of these in your home, but it doesn’t hurt to have a couple hard-wired smoke detectors installed as well. You can never be too safe.

Give The Electric connection a call today and schedule your safety upgrades.

It’s the Little Things Explains Burbank Electrician

electricon_06_3Every single day we take about a hundred things for granted. We just assume it will be there and we assume our lives are fairly free from any major risks. We don’t think twice about listening to the satellite radio or playing a video game on the big screen. We run the dishwasher and grab a cold drink out of the fridge. All of these things are dependent on electricity. Not just electricity, but electricity that is coming into the house in a way that doesn’t pose a threat to you or the structure. These little things are extremely important explains an electrician. Burbank residents need to know what to look for and know the signs of trouble. If trouble is spotted, a quick call to The Electric Connection can things fixed right up for you.

Outlets and light switches are far more important to our daily lives than we give them credit for. You probably couldn’t get through a day without touching one or interacting with it in some way. This is why your Burbank electrician wants to make sure it is safe. Some things that indicate trouble are as follows;

  • Hot to the touch
  • Sparking
  • An electrical shock when you plug something in or use an appliance
  • Black marks up the wall around the outlet or switch
  • A crackling noise
  • Smoke or the smell of burning wires
  • Switch or outlet doesn’t work all of the time

Any one of these small warning signs could indicate big trouble. Don’t let the little things sneak up on you says an electrician in Burbank. Be vigilant. Pay attention and never let a seemingly small or innocent problem go unchecked. Give The Electric Connection a call today if you suspect you may have an electrical problem that needs inspection.

Your Dream Home with a Beverly Hills Electrician

electricon_06_2There are hundreds of empty homes on the market in any given area, but those homes generally have their own list of issues that need repaired. You have to put money into the home to make it suitable for you and your family and in many cases, it ends up being you compromise quite a bit just to get into the home. This is why many homeowners choose to have their home built by a contractor. Having a home built is a dream that is not all that hard to achieve with the many financial options available today. Once you get your financing secured, you will need to pick the various contractors for specific duties, like an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners can rely on The Electric Connection to get their home electrically ready for them.

There is undoubtedly a lot of work that goes into the pre-planning and then ultimately the building of a new home. Along the way, there are going to be a lot of areas where your input will be needed. It is your dream home after all and every detail matters, right down to where your electrical outlets go. An electrician in Beverly Hills can consult with you to get an idea of what kind of needs you have when it comes to your electrical appliances and the kind of technology you use.

If you have an electric car, it is important you talk with your Beverly Hills electrician and get your charging station all hooked up the right way. This applies to things like a hot tub or heated pool as well, which will all require the expertise of an electrician. It is easier and more cost-friendly to take care of these things now. Give The Electric Connection a call today and learn more about their new home construction services.

Adding Outlets and Switches? Hire Trained Electrician


Adding Outlets and Switches? Hire Trained Electrician

There is really nothing more frustrating than putting toast in the toaster, walking away and coming back to what you think will be some warm toast only to discover the appliance wasn’t plugged in. When you have to share outlets in the kitchen, bedroom or living room, it is a lot of extra work. You can’t use this if you want to use that or you have to perform some acrobatic maneuvers to reach the one available outlet. Stop the frustration and call a California electrician to give you a hand. You can have new outlets installed so you aren’t forced to constantly plug and unplug appliances. The Electric Connection has a team of electricians that can help you.

Having new outlets installed by an electrician is something many homeowners are taking advantage of. One of the most common outlet additions is one or two installed halfway up the wall in the living room. With the trend in flat screen televisions and surround sound systems being hung directly on the wall, it eliminates the unsightly cords running down the wall. The mid-wall mounted outlet gives the room a much cleaner look. Adding additional outlets to the kitchen to accommodate all of your appliances will make meal prep a breeze and means you can have several helpers in the kitchen using various appliances at the same time!

You can also have additional light switches installed if that is your issue. Walking into a dark hallway when the light switch is at the opposite end can be hazardous. Having additional switches in rooms with two entries is a safety measure you will appreciate. You will be amazed at the difference a little electrical work can do to improve the functionality and safety of your home. Give The Electric Connection a call today and let our electricians help you make your home life a little easier.

Professional Electrical Repairs by Glendale Electrician

electricon4_5-16Part of owning a home means you will always have something to do. There are always going to be things to fix, things to update and little improvements that need to be done to make the home work a little better for your family and its needs. It is a source of pride for many homeowners to take care of these little jobs themselves. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment when you finally stop that door from squeaking or the one stair from creaking. Then there are the big jobs. The jobs where you turn to your phone book or the internet to find help from a professional. Electrical issues are one of those things that you will want to call a professional electrician. Glendale homeowners can rely on the experience of the team at The Electric Connection to take care of any electrical problems that arise.

It doesn’t matter if your home was built last year or fifty years ago, there are always going to be little things that need adjusting and fixing. It is part of the joy of home ownership. The property is yours to do as you will and that includes any all of the electrical components. An electrician in Glendale can help you with some of the more common electrical problems a homeowner will face.

  • Update old outlets
  • Add additional outlets
  • Install a dimmer switch
  • Replace faulty light switches
  • Replace faulty light fixtures
  • Investigate/replace tripping breaker
  • Replace doorbell
  • Replace outdoor lighting that no longer works

This is a small sampling of some of the more common problems homeowners will face with their electrical. Time and regular use tends to wear down anything and your electrical components in the home are not immune. You can rely on a Glendale electrician to take care of the repairs quickly and safely. Cross them off your list and stick with the items that are not dangerous. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your electrical repairs.

Upgrading the Home’s Electrical with Santa Monica Electrician

electricon6_4-16When you are a homeowner, there seems like there is always something you can or want to do around the house to make it a little better. It is part of owning a home. Home improvement projects are fun and rewarding whether you are tackling them yourself or hiring a professional team to take care of the heavy lifting so to speak. There doesn’t ever seem to be an end to the things you can do to make your home a little better, safer and more valuable. One of the things that people tend to overlook because it isn’t always obvious is the electrical system in the home. An electrician in Santa Monica will tell you that despite it’s relative anonymity, it is probably one of the most important elements of your home. The team at The Electric Connection has been making homes a little safer for decades and they can help you as well.

You may not have any obvious problems, but unless you have an inspection, you truly don’t know what hidden dangers may be lurking behind the walls. Once you have an inspection by a Santa Monica electrician, you will be given a list of minor or potentially major fixes you can make to make your home a little safer.

Your upgraded electrical doesn’t have to be all about safety standards if your home is already in good electrical shape. It can be something as simple as adding a couple of outlets to a room so you can make it into a home office or gaming area. Maybe you want to change up the lights or add ceiling fans. This can all be handled by your electrician. Santa Monica homeowners will appreciate the promptness and professionalism they will receive when they call The Electric Connection to upgrade their home’s electrical.

When the Lights Won’t Turn On, Pasadena Electrician Can Help

electricon5_4-16Sometimes, life is funny and throws you a little curve ball now and again. One of the things we have come to rely on in life is electricity. When it doesn’t work as expected or it doesn’t work at all, it can be extremely frustrating. You want electricity when you want it and not after you have had to flip breakers, unplug things and wiggle wires. It is actually very dangerous to mess with switches, outlets and appliances that are not working as they should. It is best to leave it up to a professional electrician in Pasadena to handle any kind of electrical problems. The crew at The Electric Connection can get your home’s electrical fixed and working properly again.

It is important you recognize the signs of an electrical problem that can lead to something as dangerous as an electrical fire that threatens the safety of the home’s residents. Your Pasadena electrician wants you to watch out for the following;

*A popping or snapping sound coming from an outlet or light switch
*A smell of burning wires
*A small shock when you flip a switch or attempt to plug something in
*Black streaks shooting up the wall above a switch or outlet
*The outlet or switch doesn’t always work or doesn’t work at all
*The breaker feeding the switch or outlet trips often
*The switchplate, outlet or wall around the area feels warm or hot to the touch

These are all signs you have a problem that needs some attention from an electrician. Pasadena homeowners should call at the first sign of any of these problems and avoid using the outlet or switch until it can be looked at. If you can shut off the breaker that feeds the problematic switches and outlets, it would be safer. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your electrical repair.

Upgrading Your Electric Panel with Beverly Hills Electrician

electricon2_4-16You may be getting tired of having to unplug this to plug in that or walking around trying to find an extension cord long enough to use your laptop in your favorite chair when it is dead. Everything we do somehow involves electricity and when the electricity isn’t dependable or easily accessed, things can be difficult. For some, the problem is their home was build 30 years or more ago and back then, builders didn’t have to worry about putting six outlets in the kitchen or several outlets in one spot in the living room to accommodate all of today’s gadgets. Today, when you try to run the microwave and coffee maker at the same time, you get a tripped breaker. Your electrician in Beverly Hills can help you with that. You only need to call The Electric Connection.

The reason you can’t use several appliances at the same time is because the way the outlets were wired to the same breaker. The breaker cannot support the electrical demand. When you look at the basic number of outlets in the living room or your bedroom, it is the same story. A Beverly Hills electrician explains each of those outlets and the light fixture in the room tend to be on one breaker. Trying to add more outlets or a powerstrip to create more outlets is going to overload the breaker and it will trip.

Regular tripping breakers weaken overtime and will eventually not work altogether. You can solve all of these problems by having your electric panel upgraded by an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners will love the freedom more electricity brings. Charging devices, running appliances with the lights on and living life in the 21st century is possible with an upgrade. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your appointment.

Electrical Repairs Require Santa Monica Electrician

electriccon_06_5When your car isn’t running right or you have a leaky faucet, you may try and diagnose and repair the problem yourself. These are fairly innocent symptoms and a number of people can safely take care of the problem just by using Google or talking to somebody at the auto parts store or their local hardware store. Unfortunately, electrical problems in the home, even those that seem relatively simple, can be extremely dangerous for the average person to fix. It is absolutely imperative you call an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners who suspect they have something going on with the electrical in their home can call The Electric Connection.

Sometimes, the obvious problem is just a symptom of something much bigger. A light switch that doesn’t seem to work or an outlet that is loose or makes a popping noise may seem like no big deal, but it is. It is hard to say what is happening without an inspection from a trained and certified electrician in Santa Monica. It could really be a quick fix that requires a little tightening of the wires or a replace of the switch or outlet. It could also be an indication of faulty wiring or wiring that is old and brittle.

There are plenty of other scenarios that would require you to call a Santa Monica electrician. If you want new outlets, additional outlets or new light fixtures, you will want to leave the job to the professionals. This ensures the job will be done right and you can sleep better at night knowing it was handled by someone who has been through extensive training and been certified. It is too risky to ignore the problem or attempt to diagnose it if you don’t have the knowledge. Give The Electric Connection a call today if you suspect your electrical wiring may need a little help.

Home Safety Additions by Los Angeles Electrician

electricon1_3-16When you walk in the door of your home at night, you expect to be relatively safe. You expect the home to be constructed well and to protect you from the elements. Your home keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is where you spend time with your family and feel the most comfortable. That is the idea at least. Unfortunately, there are often hidden dangers in the home that need to be addressed. It only takes a few changes to make your home a little safer. These are things your Los Angeles electrician can help you with. The team at The Electric Connection has a trained staff of electricians ready to help you make your home a little safer for you and your family.

Installing GFCI Outlets

These are standard features in recent construction, but older homes were not equipped with GFCI outlets explains an electrician in Los Angeles. These outlets are specially designed to be used around areas where water is at, like the bathroom and kitchen areas. The outlets will trip the breaker the second the flow of electricity is interrupted by water. This will prevent an electric shock.

Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors

These are an ideal option to the standard battery-powered smoke detectors. A hard-wired smoke detector will need to be installed by an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners will love the fact that the smoke alarms are wired directly into the home’s power and do not rely on batteries. If a fire breaks out and the smoke detector alerts, it will trigger the rest of the smoke detectors that have been hard-wired into the main power system.

These are two fairly simple, basic upgrades that can make your home a little safer for you and your family. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your outlet upgrades and smoke detector installation.