Electrical Safety this Holiday Season by Santa Monica Electrician

electriccon_10_6Decorating your home and the outdoors is an extremely popular activity starting in about October. October and fall weather tends to be very wet. Putting electric-powered decorations outside can get tricky. Every year, it seems like we try to go a little bigger with our holiday displays. Every year, manufacturers are putting out bigger, cooler and more elaborate decorations for us to add to our collections. If you are one of those people who likes to have the coolest holiday display on the block, you probably rely on electricity to run lights and some of the moving figures placed outside or around the house. That means you need to brush up on your electric safety knowledge and an electrician in Santa Monica is here to help you do just that. You can always count on The Electric Connection to give you accurate information.

One of the most important safety rules to keep in mind is to pay attention to what the decorations and lights are designed for. If they are designated “indoor use only” don’t attempt to put them outside. It could result in the item shorting out and possibly sparking a fire. This applies to extension cords as well explains an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners need to follow the guidelines on the cords. Outdoor extension cords will generally be round and brightly colored.

Do not connect more than three strands of lights together. Read the manufacturer guidelines on each of the boxes to determine if you can put several decorations on the same cord or if they will need separate ones. Avoid connecting more than 2 extension cords together. If you need additional outlets outside, hire a Santa Monica electrician to do so for you. This can make decorating a breeze. Give The Electric Connection a call today if you need additional outlets or have questions about electric safety.