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Top Electrical Safety Tips For Homes And Businesses

electrical safetyAs an electrical contractor, I have seen firsthand the dangers that electrical hazards can pose to homes and businesses. Electrical safety should be a top priority for all property owners, whether it’s a small residential home or a large commercial building. In this article, I will outline some of the top electrical safety tips for homes and businesses in the Los Angeles area.

  1. Regular Inspection of Electrical Systems: The first and most important step in ensuring electrical safety is to have a licensed electrician inspect your electrical system regularly. If you own an older home or building, it is essential to have an inspection done to ensure that your electrical system is up to code and safe to use. Even if your property is relatively new, regular inspections can help catch potential electrical issues before they become major problems.
  2. Avoid Overloading Electrical Outlets: Electrical outlets are designed to handle a certain amount of power, and overloading them can cause serious problems. One common mistake that property owners make is to plug multiple devices into a single outlet using extension cords or power strips. While these items can be convenient, they can also be dangerous if not used correctly. Overloading an outlet can cause overheating, which can lead to a fire. Instead, use power strips with built-in circuit breakers and plug in only essential devices.
  3. Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs): Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are designed to shut off the power quickly in the event of a ground fault. This can help prevent electric shocks and other electrical hazards. GFCIs should be installed in all wet and damp locations, such as bathrooms and kitchens. If you’re not sure whether your property has GFCIs installed, contact a licensed electrician to have them installed.
  4. Keep Electrical Cords and Cables in Good Condition: All electrical cords and cables should be in good condition and free from damage. If you notice any fraying or other damage to your cords, replace them immediately. Damaged cords can cause electrical shocks, fires, and other hazards.
  5. Keep Electrical Appliances Away from Water: Water and electricity don’t mix. Keep all electrical appliances away from water, and never use them near a pool or other wet areas. If you need to use an electrical device in a wet area, be sure to use a GFCI outlet.
  6. Don’t Attempt Electrical Repairs Yourself: Electrical repairs should be left to licensed electricians. Attempting to fix electrical problems yourself can be dangerous and can lead to serious injury or even death. If you are experiencing any electrical issues, contact a licensed electrician to have them fixed.
  7. Use the Correct Wattage for Light Bulbs: Using light bulbs with a higher wattage than recommended can cause overheating and potentially start a fire. Always use light bulbs with the correct wattage for your fixtures.
  8. Keep Flammable Materials Away from Heat Sources: Flammable materials, such as paper and cloth, should be kept away from heaters and other electrical appliances that generate heat. This can help prevent fires and other hazards.
  9. Have a Plan in Place for Power Outages and Electrical EmergenciesPower outages and electrical emergencies can happen at any time. It’s important to have a plan in place to ensure the safety of everyone on your property. Make sure you know where your circuit breaker is located and have a flashlight and extra batteries on hand in case of a power outage.

In conclusion, electrical safety is a crucial issue for all property owners in the Los Angeles area. By following these electrical safety tips, you can help prevent electrical hazards and keep your home or business safe. Remember, always leave electrical repairs to licensed electricians, and don’t hesitate to contact one if you are experiencing any electrical issues.

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Why Your Old Home Needs An Electrical Inspection?

magnifying glass on blue backgroundIf you live in an older house, chances are you’d have to re-modify a lot of things including your electrical wiring. With time, all things start to wear off and breakdown. It’s always advised to do a routine check as often as you can and call for professional help the minute you notice a problem.

Old homes often tend to have aluminum wiring that heats up and can cause house fires or old circuit breakers that trip up regularly. You could also find flickering lights, cackling sounds, burning smells, and frayed wires. Older homes also tend to have no modern outlets for modern-day appliances. All of these could put you and your loved ones in harm’s way.

Still not convinced your home has earned an electrical inspection? Here are more reasons why:

Hike in Energy Cost
Ever wondered why your electrical bills are so high? It may be because your current electrical system is now past its prime. It may need a thorough inspection and an upgrade. An inefficient electrical system may cause you to pay more than you should.

Hot Switches and Outlets
Your switches and outlets getting a little warm over time are considered quite normal. However, when you notice your outlets getting hotter than usual, smelling burned, sparks or shocks, you should schedule an electrical inspection and call for repairs as well.

If your appliances are producing odd sounds, then you may have a problem with your fuse or circuit breaker. Beware of flickering and dimming lights as well.

Knob and Tube and Aluminum Wiring
Back in the early 1900s, people used knob and tube wiring which often caused overheating and household fires as it is unable to supply sufficient energy to modern appliances. Aluminum wiring, also found in older homes, weaken electrical connections due to overheating which leads to melting insulations, arcing, and household fires.

Getting an electrical inspection will also help you identify other underlying problems such as improper installation and offer efficient and long-lasting solutions. It also helps to add safety to your home to avoid further property damage such as household fires which are quite expensive.

Remodel and Increase Resale Value
Whether you’re buying or selling a house, you need to know the electrical state of the said property. Endeavor to inspect before you sell or purchase a house. Doing an inspection beforehand will let you know about the electrical problems the house may or may not have and all you’d need to do to fix them.

Purchasing a house without proper inspection may cause you to spend more money and time making repairs on the property. Inspecting before you put the house on the market would allow the opportunity to fix and remodel your appliances which would even improve its chances on the market. Even after you’ve done the necessary repairs and remodeling, you’d still need to do a routine check to ensure that all the appliances were put in place properly and would work effectively.

If you’re in need of an electrical inspection on your Los Angeles home, give The Electric Connection a call.

Los Angeles Home Electrical Inspection

home electrical inspectionThere are certain times when an electrical home inspection is recommended. If you are just purchasing a home it’s a good idea to have it inspected so you can be sure you’re not buying into any major issues. When you have lived in your home for a while or if it is an older home, an inspection is a great idea to ensure that everything is running properly. Finally, if you are adding an appliance or doing any large renovations, you should have you electrical checked out to make sure that it can handle the new technology you’re bringing into your home.

To get the best results, a licensed electrician must perform this home electrical inspection service. The electrician will be able to perform several tests on your electrical system whereas a homeowner or buyer can only visually inspect it. When you hire an electrician for this safety procedure, you can be sure they will have the tools necessary to perform the job as thoroughly as possible.

Why Is A Home Electrical Inspection Important?

The NFPA, or National Fire Protection Agency, reports that between 2007 and 2011 there were more than 144,00 house fires caused by electrical failure. Many of these could have been prevented if a simple inspection had been completed. A home inspection can reveal electrical issues such as deficiencies or fire hazards.

What Does A Home Inspection Consist Of?

Many electricians offer an inspection of home electrical system as a service. Most electricians have a standard checklist for electrical home inspections. It can vary from contractor to contractor but at the least the following should be performed:

  • Verification grounding is present
  • Light bulb wattage verification
  • Inspection of switch and outlet operations
  • Examination of ARCIs
  • Make sure there are no shock hazards present
  • Verification of lighting safety
  • Proof of surge protection
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detector testing
  • Electrical panel inspection
  • Review of outdoor electrical system

Once the inspection is completed, an electrician will provide you with a detailed report concerning your electrical system. The more serious issues will be listed first. After the inspection is completed, the electrician will walk you through the issues that are present in your home. He or she will provide instructions on how to proceed with any dangerous problems that might be in the report.

Home Inspection for Electrical DIY

A licensed electrician in necessary to have an official report but if you want to just check the safety of your home you can visually inspect the major problem areas.

The first place to look is your electrical panel. This is where your home gets its power from. It’s the grey or metal box that has all the fuses or circuit breakers in your home. When inspecting your panel be sure to note the age, any wear and tear, or any dark or smokey debris. If you notice that the panel is older and outdated, it may be time to have a panel upgrade performed.

Next, check out the wiring in your home. This one might be a little more tricky as most of the wiring inside your walls. If you have an attic or a crawlspace that is easily accessible, see if you can see the wiring that way. Knob and tube wiring or aluminum wiring pose potentially hazardous settings in a home. Be sure to call an electrician to inspect this wiring if you find it.

Any outlets that are near water must be fitted with GFCIs. This includes outside outlets as well as those near sinks or tubs. Be sure to check them periodically to ensure the safety features are working.

Inspecting your home electrical system yourself can save money but will not be as thorough as an official home electrical inspection done by a professional electrician. If you have any concerns, please contact a professional to inspect your home.

The Electric Connection has provided homeowners with safety inspections for over 30 years. We are proud to service the Los Angeles area. Homeowners and businesses are encouraged to call The Electric Connection for their next electrical project. We are happy to help! Learn more about our electrical inspection services here.

Electrical Home Safety Checklist by Pasadena Electrician

It is a good idea to give your home an electrical inspection every month to identify any potential hazards. It doesn’t take a lot of time and can become a part of your normal routine once you know what you should be looking for. Often times, the signs of an electrical problem are in plain sight, but many people simply don’t know they are warning signs and they are ignored. Your electrician in Pasadena wants you to be safe and has a quick checklist for you to follow. If you would like an electrical inspection by a professional, you can call The Electric Connection.
1. Start by looking at every light switch in your home. This is fairly straightforward. Look at the wall surrounding the switch. If you observe browning around or on the switch plate, it is a problem. Look on the wall to see if there are any black streaks as well. Do this for every outlet cover in the home as well. It’s a good idea to even check the outlets that are covered by furniture explains a Pasadena electrician.
2. Turn on a light switch and listen closely. A humming sound or something that sounds like a bowl of Rice Krispies is a warning sign and the light or outlet should not be used. Turn off the breaker to stop all electricity from flowing to the potentially hazardous switch.
3. Are all switches and outlets working properly? A light fixture that doesn’t turn on, even with a new bulb could have an electrical short. Outlets that only work on occasion are also hazards.
4. Does an outlet feel loose or wiggle when you are plugging in appliances? This is another problem that needs to be immediately addressed by an electrician. Pasadena homeowners will want to stop using the outlet until it is fixed.

This quick checklist can catch a problem before it becomes a serious shock hazard or an electrical fire. Give The Electric Connection a call today to remedy your electrical issues.

Electrical Safety Tips You Don’t Know by Burbank Electric

We all know electricity can be dangerous, but we also all know we take it for granted. We assume our homes are safe and free of electrical hazards because we haven’t ever had any real trouble. Becoming complacent or not fully understanding how electrical hazards are created or how electrical fires occurs can be dangerous. It is important to know some of the more common electrical safety tips that are often taken for granted. Your electrician in Burbank has a few reminders that may seem obvious to some, but for others, it will be a real eye-opener. You can call the team at The Electric Connection if you have any questions.
1. Don’t overload an outlet. Just because you can buy one of those devices that transforms your basic outlet into one that gives you four or six openings, it doesn’t mean you should try and fill plug in six appliances. Overloading can lead to overheating and ultimately spark a fire.
2. Don’t use a 100-watt bulb in a light fixture that is designed for a 40-watt max. If you need more light, have a new one installed by an electrician. Burbank homeowners can also use LED bulbs for a brighter light in their old fixtures.
3. When unplugging anything from an outlet, grip the cord by the rubber base. Never yank the cord out of the wall. Yanking can loosen the wires that secure the outlet in place in the wall, which can lead to an electrical hazard. Constantly yanking the cord can damage the cord and create an electrical shock hazard as well.
4. Don’t run cords under a rug. Cords should never be stepped on. This can cause the plastic coating to break down and fray, creating a serious shock hazard. You can have an outlet installed by a Burbank electrician or have a light fixture installed to eliminate the need for the cord under the rug.

Basic safety can save lives and prevent a home fire. Call The Electric Connection today if you need to have an electrical hazard mitigated.

Dangers of DIY Electrical by Santa Monica Electrician

There is a real sense of pride and satisfaction when you take on a task that is daunting and challenging and you actually pull it off. Taking on a do-it-yourself task can be fun and rewarding. You learn a lot and you get the experience of working with your hands. Sometimes, DIY projects can be great and other times, they end up being complete failures you can laugh off. However, there are some DIY jobs you should never attempt. Anything that puts your life at risk or risks the overall safety of your home is simply not worth it. Electricity is no joke. If you have a job that requires electrical wiring, it is best left to a certified electrician. Santa Monica homeowners can count on the team at The Electric Connection to take care of any electrical repairs or new installations.

Electrical repairs or installing new light fixtures may seem simple enough on the surface, but one small mistake could be extremely dangerous. It isn’t worth the risk. Always call an electrician in Santa Monica to handle the electrical side of any DIY project and you can take credit for the rest. In many cases, a DIY project that involved electricity is against county and city codes. Permits are generally required for remodels and renovations, which will need an inspection.

You want your home to be safe and don’t want to have to worry about an electrical short due to faulty wiring. This can be avoided by letting a Santa Monica electrician take care of that part of the project while you focus on picking on the new fixture or putting on the paint. Have fun with your next DIY, but always remember safety first and give The Electric Connection a call to handle any electrical work that goes with the project.

Extension Cord Safety Tips by Burbank Electrician

This is the time of year we tend to pull out the extension cords in order to get ready for all of our holiday lighting needs. It is fun to decorate and to compete with the neighbors for the brightest house on the block, but it can be risky if you are not careful. These are a few tips provided by an electrician in Burbank that can help keep your home safe this holiday season as you light it up. If you have concerns, you can always call the team at The Electric Connection to ask for an electric inspection.

1. Do not run extension cords across your driveway where it will be ran over.
2. Only use the round outdoor cords outside. The flat cords are not properly insulated and cannot handle the outdoor weather.
3. If you find you are having to leave windows open a crack to plug in the cords, consider have new outdoor electrical outlets installed by an electrician. Burbank homeowners will appreciate how much easier it is to decorate with outlets readily available.
4. Always unplug the extension cords when they are not in use. Do not leave them plugged in and “live” with nothing plugged in to the cord.
5. Do not string more than one extension cord together. If one isn’t long enough, buy one that is.
6. Do not overload an extension cord by plugging in more than three strands of lights connected together.
7. For indoor cords, make sure the cords are not in a busy walk area. Never run them under rugs explains a Burbank electrician.
8. Do not use a cord that has visible signs of damage. Electrical tape around a frayed cord is not safe. Discard the cord and buy a new one.

Have fun and be safe decorating your home this season. Give The Electric Connection a call if you need more outlets or have electric safety concerns.

Electric Safety Enhancements with Glendale Electrician

Keeping your home safe is a top priority. Locking your doors, taking care of tripping hazards and making sure there are no obvious areas that could be a danger to you and the people visiting your home is real concern. Sometimes, you can’t find every single, little hazard. This is why it is always a good idea to have an electrical safety inspection by a qualified electrician. Glendale homeowners can count on the team at The Electric Connection to complete the inspection and give them a detailed list of things that could be a problem.

Some of the biggest hazards are not always obvious. In many cases, an alert homeowner can identify electrical problems and call an electrician in Glendale to take care of it before it becomes a much bigger concern.

1. Electrical outlets that have black marks or don’t always work are telltale signs. Check the outlets in the bathroom and kitchen area. If they are not the GFCI outlets, you can help prevent electric shock by having the old outlets upgraded to the GFCI outlets.
2. Having an electrical inspection completed can identify problems within the breaker panel. This give a Glendale electrician the chance to peek inside and see what kind of wiring there may be throughout the house. It also reveals how much room is in the electric panel in case you need to add additional breakers to accommodate for those that may be overloaded.
3. Breakers that are constantly tripping should absolutely be checked out by a professional. As mentioned in number two, adding another breaker or two to the panel can help alleviate overloading a breaker.

These are some of the most common signs of electrical hazards that you can easily take care of. Give The Electric Connection a call today and have your home inspected to make those safety upgrades.

Dangers of DIY Electrical Work by Beverly Hills Electrician

There is a great deal of satisfaction when you can tackle things around the house and take care of them by yourself. A trip to the home improvement store, a couple hours watching tutorials on the internet and you feel like you got in the bag. As if you are now a master builder and can take care of those things around the house that need a little attention. Here’s the thing; not all jobs around the house are as easy as they are made to appear in those videos. In fact, some are really quite dangerous and should never be attempted, no matter how prepared you think you are. Electricity is unforgiving. One small slip and you could be putting your life in serious jeopardy. It is best to leave all electrical jobs to a professional electrician in Beverly Hills, like those at The Electric Connection.

It may seem like you are throwing away money hiring a Beverly Hills electrician to take care of what you think is a small job, but think of the cost of a hospital stay or the alternative. It only takes a tiny mistake to result in an electric shock. Touching wires that are live or accidentally putting wires together that are not meant to be is a risk you take when you don’t have the proper training.

Even if you do managed to successfully complete the DIY side of an electrical job without electric shock, you must consider long term problems. Just because you didn’t get a jolt when putting in that new outlet or wiring that new light fixture, it doesn’t mean it was done right. It could be an electrical hazard that results in a fire explains an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners should leave the electrical work to the people who have trained and gone to school to learn how to do it. Call The Electric Connection and protect yourself from yourself.

Wiring Hazards to Watch for by Pasadena Electrician

It can be difficult to know when the wiring in your home is not up to today’s current safety standards. It is a concern for many homeowners because of the serious dangers involved with faulty wiring. Home fires are often the result of bad wiring and in many cases, the homeowner wasn’t even aware there was a problem until it was too late. It only takes a small spark to cause a devastating fire. A spark happens when wires touch and in the right circumstances, the insulation pushed against the wires will go up in flames. Your Pasadena electrician has some information that can help you identify these hazards. You can always rely on the service at The Electric Connection for professional electrical help.

Some of the biggest clues are as follows;

*The age of the home. If it was built before 1960, you are likely dealing with outdated wiring—unless you know the electrical has been updated by an electrician in Pasadena.

*Flickering lights could mean a short. Shorts are bare wires that are not connected properly and could create a spark, igniting a fire.

*Outlets that don’t work suggest the wiring behind the outlet is not connected, which could be a serious fire hazard.

*Breakers that constantly trip for no obvious reason could mean a number of things, but it is always best to have it investigated.

*If you notice the smell of burning wires, which tends to be very distinctive, you have a problem that needs checked out.

These are some of the more obvious signs. If you suspect your wiring isn’t safe, call an electrician. Pasadena homeowners will appreciate an inspection by a professional that can identify any potential problems, making your home safer. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your electrical inspection or have your faulty wiring repaired right away.