New Hot Tub? Electrician in Beverly Hills Explains Electric Panel Upgrade Needs

When you plug something into an outlet in your home, you probably don’t really take the time to think about where the electricity to power your appliance comes from. You plug it in, it works. But, what do you do when it doesn’t work?

Homeowners are constantly making improvements to their home. This may include upgrading or installing a new air conditioning unit, replacing the old fridge with a newer, more family-friendly model or adding a hot tub to the backyard. If you have already made these investments or are considering making them, you should contact your electrician. Beverly Hills residents can rely on the professionals at The Electric Connection to provide fast, friendly and knowledgeable service.

An electrical inspection will be needed to determine whether or not your existing electrical panel can handle these much larger items. Hot tubs, AC units and larger power tools will need more power than the typical appliance. If you have a newer home, it is a fairly simple process for an electrician to install the outlet needed to power the new item.

Older homes may need an electrical panel upgrade to support the electricity demands. An additional breaker may need to be added. In fact, this is may apply to newer homes as well, depending on the service that was put in during construction of the home.

If you have already hooked up a new refrigerator or stove and notice you seem to be tripping breakers, it is likely you need an upgrade. This is a sign there is too much draw on a breaker or that a breaker is weak. An electrician in Beverly Hills will be able to determine what the problem is during the inspection. If you are ready to take care of those tripping breakers or have more questions about what it takes to get your new appliance properly wired, give The Electric Connection a call.