Rewiring a Beverly Hills Home

electrician pulling wires in beverly hills homeYour Beverly Hills home wiring is vital for electrical safety and functionality, and in some situations where it becomes inadequate, you will need to rewire your home.

Rewiring can be a major project, but with proper planning and the right professional, it can be completed successfully and quickly.

  1. Choosing a pro or going DIY

When it comes to any electrical works, you will always be encouraged to hire a professional electrician. Sometimes it might seem like an expensive option you can do without by going DIY. See the pros and cons of doing it either way to make the choice for rewiring your Beverly Hills home.

Hiring an electrical technician (PROS)

  • It keeps you and your home safe
  • The electrician obtains the permit
  • An experienced and licensed electrician is up to date on local codes
  • Inspections can be passed immediately and smoothly
  • Professional electricians have insurance that protects you from responsibility if anything goes wrong.
  • Cheaper in the long run
  • Rewiring by an experienced electrician is much faster
  • Get a quote on your house rewire from a professional

Hiring an electrical technician (CONS)

  • A costly option initially
  • It might be hard to find a dependable electrician

DIYing your rewiring project (PROS)

  • Saves you money initially
  • You can rewire your home at your preferred pace

DIYing your rewiring project (CONS)

  • You will spend time – as much as weeks- planning and doing the dirty work like running wires, cutting, drilling, installing, and more.
  • You will need to know the local electrical codes
  • Obtaining the permit falls to you and passing inspections can be tougher when you DIY.
  • DIYing your Beverly Hills home rewire puts lives and properties at risk.
  • You take responsibility for anything that goes wrong and often permits require that you must stay in the home where you DIYed for a year.
  • Insurance companies can deny your claim based on electrical works done as DIY projects
  1. Understand what it involves

Every homeowner’s needs differ in home rewiring. The only way to know what will be involved in your home rewire is to call an electrician for an inspection. You might need to replace your breaker with a bigger one if it is undersized. Older homes often used breaker panels of 60-100 amps, but modern homes use 100-200 amps and sometimes more. The reason for this change is that modern homes have far more electrical power demands/appliances than older homes. Also, safety codes have changed over time to accommodate electrical needs.

The rewiring project can also include replacing old outlets and fixtures, GFCI, and proper grounding.

Your electrician will inform you of any repairs, replacements, upgrades, and more relevant to your home rewire.

  1. What to expect when rewiring your home

Rewiring can be disruptive. It’s almost expected because you will have wires been run through the house, holes drilled in the walls, opening ceilings to give the electrical contractors access, and so on. It can get messy and the electrical power to the home will be shut off while the work goes on.

The good news is, the right electrician can complete a home rewire quickly and in a hassle-free manner. Contact us today for your Beverly Hills home rewire.

Upgrading to GFCI Outlets by Beverly Hills Electrician

If your home was built before 1971, you will want to take a quick look around your home to see what kind of outlets you have. Technology and electric safety standards are constantly improving. With every improvement, you can feel a little safer and secure in your home when it comes to the electrical wiring and other components. After 1971, new home construction standards required the use of GFCI outlets in some areas where water was a risk factor to electrical appliances. If your home does not have these, it is a good idea to have an electrician in Beverly Hills update the outdated outlets. The team at The Electric Connection can take care of this for you.

Your garage and unfinished basements is another area where GFCI outlets should be used, especially if they are prone to even mild flooding. A ground fault circuit interrupter can protect you from an electric shock if you happen to be using an appliance and it comes into contact with water explains a Beverly Hills electrician. The very second the electrical current is interrupted, the outlet cuts off power. This can prevent you from getting shocked. Once the danger has been removed, you can simply reset the outlet and it will work fine again.

If you have an outdoor pool area or hot tub, all your pumps and vacuums should be plugged into a GFCI outlet. It wasn’t until the late 1980s that these outlets were required in kitchen areas. Considering how many appliances are in today’s kitchens, it is a good idea to add the extra protection of the GFCI says an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners can take a look around their own homes and then jot down where they would like the outlets installed. One call to The Electric Connection to have the newer, safer outlets installed will give you that extra safety you need.

When You Need GFCI Outlets by Beverly Hills Electrician

Are you looking around your home and wondering how you can make it a little safer? One thing you can have done, that is quick, easy and effective is to have a quick electrical inspection. You will learn a great deal about the condition of your home’s electrical wiring in a single day when you hire an expert electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners will appreciate getting the opinion of someone who knows all of the ins and outs of electrical wiring. The team at The Electric Connection can help you learn more about any hidden dangers behind your walls while implementing a few improvements to make everything a little safer.

One of the things that is regularly done is the replacing of certain outlets in the home with GFCI outlets by an electrician in Beverly Hills. These outlets are the ones easily identified by the little red and blue button between the outlet holes. These are best installed anywhere water can come in contact with an electrical appliance. Think along the lines of bathroom and kitchen. These areas are where you are most likely to have water and electricity mix. Accidents happen; wouldn’t it be nice to make sure those accidents don’t have to put a life at risk?

The GFCI outlets will automatically cut the power to whatever device you may be using when the water interrupts the flow of electricity between the appliance and the main current. This can prevent an electric shock a Beverly Hills electrician explains. Other circuits on the breaker will continue to operate, only the device plugged into the involved GFCI will be shut off. Once the danger has been mitigated, you can press the reset button on the outlet and continue using the appliance. If you still have questions about the outlets, give The Electric Connection a call today.

Water Heater Install by Beverly Hills Electrician

Do you have an old water heater that sounds like a bowl of Rice Krispies when it is time for it to get to work? Maybe it isn’t heating the water as fast as you would like or as hot as you would like. A water heater is one of the most valuable appliances in your home and is used every day. It is important you keep it in good working condition so you can avoid the horrible blowouts that tend to happen when you are gone. When a water heater is old and rusted, the bottoms will fall out or leak and create a flood in your home that can cause extensive damage. It is better to be proactive and replace a water heater before it gets to that point. An electrician in Beverly Hills, like those at The Electric Connection can take care of the job for you.

There has been a lot of advancement in the field of water heaters over the past couple of decades. They are built to last as well as to be more energy efficient. While it may seem like a cost you can do without initially, think of the cost savings you are gaining by purchasing a new water heater that won’t have to constantly run to keep up with your hot water demands. Your Beverly Hills electrician can tell you the water heater in your home is one of the biggest users of electricity.

You can also prevent damage to the floors, carpet and walls of your home should the tank leak because it is giving out. The replacement is a relatively simple task when left in the capable hands of an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners will appreciate the job being handled by a professional who will ensure the installation is clean and the tank is working. You can count on the crew at The Electric Connection to install your new water heater.

Dangers of DIY Electrical Work by Beverly Hills Electrician

There is a great deal of satisfaction when you can tackle things around the house and take care of them by yourself. A trip to the home improvement store, a couple hours watching tutorials on the internet and you feel like you got in the bag. As if you are now a master builder and can take care of those things around the house that need a little attention. Here’s the thing; not all jobs around the house are as easy as they are made to appear in those videos. In fact, some are really quite dangerous and should never be attempted, no matter how prepared you think you are. Electricity is unforgiving. One small slip and you could be putting your life in serious jeopardy. It is best to leave all electrical jobs to a professional electrician in Beverly Hills, like those at The Electric Connection.

It may seem like you are throwing away money hiring a Beverly Hills electrician to take care of what you think is a small job, but think of the cost of a hospital stay or the alternative. It only takes a tiny mistake to result in an electric shock. Touching wires that are live or accidentally putting wires together that are not meant to be is a risk you take when you don’t have the proper training.

Even if you do managed to successfully complete the DIY side of an electrical job without electric shock, you must consider long term problems. Just because you didn’t get a jolt when putting in that new outlet or wiring that new light fixture, it doesn’t mean it was done right. It could be an electrical hazard that results in a fire explains an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners should leave the electrical work to the people who have trained and gone to school to learn how to do it. Call The Electric Connection and protect yourself from yourself.

Do You Have Enough Light? Beverly Hills Electrician Answers

Are you tired of feeling like you are living in a cave? Or maybe your home seems to be overly bright to the point you have to close the curtains or leave the lights off to save your eyes. How do you know when you have enough light? An electrician in Beverly Hills has a few tips to help you determine how much light should be in a room based on what that room is used for. Certain areas, like the kitchen or bathroom, are going to need more light while other rooms are best with lower light. The team at The Electric Connection can help you take care of adjusting the amount of light in your room once you have decided what you need.

There are a few terms you need to know before we get started. Foot candle is the brightness of a bulb one foot away from the source. Lumens is going to be the number of foot candles multiplied by the square footage of the room. It’s easier than it sounds explain a Beverly Hills electrician.

*Bedrooms typically need about 10 to 20 foot candles
*A kitchen needs anywhere from 30 to 80 depending on how much light to prefer.
*A hallway only needs about 10 foot candles
*A living room does best with 10 to 20 foot candles

Now that you know what you need for each space, multiply your needed foot candles per room by the square footage of that room. For example, your living room needs 20 foot candles and it is 200 squre feet, you would need 4000 lumens. Check the lumens on a particular bulb and you will know if you need more light fixtures. You can add a lamp, track lighting or some recessed lighting to get the light you need by calling your electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners can call The Electric Connection to have more light fixtures installed.

How to Be Greener by Beverly Hills Electrician

beverly hills electricianIt is hard to miss the condition of our planet and the fact that resources are being depleted at a rapid rate. Even if you are not convinced the earth is headed for destruction, you have to feel the pinch in your wallet at the rising cost of certain necessities like electricity and water. These resources are being stretched thin. If you have ever heard of the green movement or noticed business and products touting they are going green, you may be intrigued. If you would like to get on board the green movement, there are a few small things you can do to contribute. Your electrician in Beverly Hills has a few tips that will help you go green while saving money on your electric bill.

  1. Get rid of those old and outdated incandescent light bulbs. Go with LED when you can. LEDs will last much longer and only use a fraction of the electricity of the old bulbs.

  2. Take shorter showers. Shaving off even a few minutes from your hot shower can reduce the amount of hot water you use by several gallons explains a Beverly Hills electrician.

  3. Use a ceiling fan, especially in the summer, to circulate air through your home. This will reduce the demand on your air conditioner, which will save you money by using less energy. If you don’t have one or could use more fans installed throughout the house, call an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners will appreciate the cool breeze a fan brings.

  4. Stop washing small loads of laundry and half full loads in the dishwasher. Wait until you can do full loads to save water and electricity.

  5. Turn off the drying cycle on your dishwasher. The dishes will air dry. Use a towel if there are any spots of water left.

Going green doesn’t mean you have to use solar energy or walk to work. Every little bit helps. Give The Electric Connection a call today if you need a new ceiling fan installed.

DIY Projects Electrical Safety Tips by Beverly Hills Electrician

Spring and summer is the time of year we like to work around the house outside on the weekends. There are so many projects that we want to accomplish, we can tend to get a little rushed. When you are rushed, you overlook important safety precautions. DIY is a growing trend as people across the country new ways to recycle old stuff and make something new, useful and very cool. Take the pallet trend that is sweeping the nation. In order to make those awesome pallet signs and outdoor furniture, you need some tools. Before you pull out any power tool, your electrician in Beverly Hills has a few safety tips that will not only keep you safe, but ensure your project is a success with no injuries. The team at The Electric Connection can answer any questions you may have related to these tips.

1. Power tools tend to have short cords. If you must use an extension cord, use one that is appropriate for outdoor use. Do not connect more than one cord together. The cord should not be longer than 100 feet.
2. Plug any cords into GFCI outlets. This will ensure the electrical current will be cut off should anything interrupt the circuit. If you don’t currently have these outlets in your garage or outdoor work area, give your Beverly Hills electrician a call.
3. Never use a power tool that has a bad cord. If the cord is frayed, have it properly repaired.
4. If a tool trips a breaker, there is a good chance the breaker is overloaded. Find another outlet to use. If one is not available, consider having your work area upgraded with the help of an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners can have a breaker added to their electric panel to help accommodate the power tools you want to use on your DIY projects.
5. Never use power tools in the rain. Wait for it to pass.
6. Never use power tools near power lines or electric wiring.

If you need new outlets or breakers to make your DIY a successful venture, give The Electric Connection a call today.

New Wiring a Job for Electrician in Beverly Hills

Photo of a Wire Stripper and Electrical Related Items

Shopping for new light fixtures, ceiling fans or even new outdoor landscaping lights is exciting. It is fun to update your home and make it just a little more attractive. In some cases, the new fixtures are a necessity. No matter what the situation is, it is absolutely critical that you only allow a licensed electrician in Beverly Hills to take care of the new installation of electrical fixtures. The team at The Electric Connection has the right person for the job.

Installing new electric fixtures in your home can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. For your safety and the ultimate safety of your home, a Beverly Hills electrician should take of the job for you. This allows the professional to inspect the existing wiring and identify any issues that should be taken care of before progressing further with the job. It also ensures the new fixture is safe to use and will not pose an electrical hazard. A job completed by a professional is always going to look better than a DIY by someone who isn’t truly familiar with the project. This is your home after all, doesn’t it deserve the best?

There are far too many things that can go terribly wrong when an inexperienced person tries to do the job of an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners that try to do the job themselves or hire a fly-by-night handyman are risking their homeowners’ insurance should something do go wrong. Using an company that is licensed and bonded is going to protect you and your interests. While it may be tempting to try to complete the task on your own, only allow a professional to touch your electrical wiring. You can count on the professionals at The Electric Connection to get your job completed safely.

Replacing Outdated Wiring with Beverly Hills Electrician

Old houses have a certain charm that appeals to home buyers. The idea of living in a piece of history is exciting. You get to appreciate some very fine craftsmanship. Maybe the house is one you have purchased or maybe it has been in the family for generations. No matter what the case may be, there are going to be a few things you will want to bring up to the new codes and standards set forth for home construction. Back in the day, our grandparents didn’t have even half of the electric appliances we have today. A Beverly Hills electrician can help you maintain the look and original craftsmanship of the home while making it a little safer. The team at The Electric Connection can help you modernize the electrical wiring in your hold home.

It isn’t only for convenience sake that you will want to consider upgrading your electric panel and adding additional outlets. It is a safety concern explains an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners that live in homes that are more than 50 years old need to think about the outdated wiring that could be a very serious fire risk. The wiring back then was often insulated with cloth, which is extremely dangerous. The cloth disintegrates, leaving the wires bare. All it takes is one little touch of a bare wire to ignite a fire.

Breaker panels that are outdated can also be problematic. Breakers that trip are indications of a major problem that needs the attention of a qualified electrician in Beverly Hills. You can still maintain the charm and the old style of the home and its features while having the electrical wiring replaced. It is an investment that ensures the old home will be around for years to come. Give The Electric Connection a call today and get your wiring inspection completed.