Electrician in Los Angeles Explains Light Control

electriccon_10_1Lighting has come a long way in the last several decades. We are no longer forced to endure the same, boring light fixtures and bulbs. There are plenty of new designs that provide more light while using energy efficient bulbs. In fact, the lights are so much brighter than the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, it can be a little too much for some situations. Bright light is great at times, but other times you don’t need to see every inch in the room and just need a soft light to allow you to watch television, eat a meal or relax while surfing the net on your laptop. This is a downside to the CFLs and LEDs that are trending in the lighting world. An electrician in Los Angeles has a solution for your lighting needs. The team at The Electric Connection can help explain it a little better.

Now, you probably remember the dimmer switches that were very standard in construction throughout the 70s and into the early 2000s. Those switches lost some popularity as the CFL bulbs gained in popularity. CFLs are not meant to be used with a dimmer switch in most cases. Keep in mind, there are some that are specifically labeled as dimmer switch capable. This meant people were stuck with the bright light or no light at all, explains an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners can upgrade their old lighting fixtures to those that use LEDs and take advantage of the cost savings and flexibility of dimmer switches once again.

Dimmer switches are an excellent way to save money on your lighting bill says a Los Angeles electrician. Combined with energy efficient LEDs or CFLs and you can make a dramatic difference on your electric bill each month. It is important you only buy bulbs that are specified for use with a dimmer. Your electrician can explain more about the risks of using non-approved lights in the fixtures attached to a dimmer. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your dimmer switch installation and take back control of your lighting.