When the Lights Won’t Turn On, Pasadena Electrician Can Help

electricon5_4-16Sometimes, life is funny and throws you a little curve ball now and again. One of the things we have come to rely on in life is electricity. When it doesn’t work as expected or it doesn’t work at all, it can be extremely frustrating. You want electricity when you want it and not after you have had to flip breakers, unplug things and wiggle wires. It is actually very dangerous to mess with switches, outlets and appliances that are not working as they should. It is best to leave it up to a professional electrician in Pasadena to handle any kind of electrical problems. The crew at The Electric Connection can get your home’s electrical fixed and working properly again.

It is important you recognize the signs of an electrical problem that can lead to something as dangerous as an electrical fire that threatens the safety of the home’s residents. Your Pasadena electrician wants you to watch out for the following;

*A popping or snapping sound coming from an outlet or light switch
*A smell of burning wires
*A small shock when you flip a switch or attempt to plug something in
*Black streaks shooting up the wall above a switch or outlet
*The outlet or switch doesn’t always work or doesn’t work at all
*The breaker feeding the switch or outlet trips often
*The switchplate, outlet or wall around the area feels warm or hot to the touch

These are all signs you have a problem that needs some attention from an electrician. Pasadena homeowners should call at the first sign of any of these problems and avoid using the outlet or switch until it can be looked at. If you can shut off the breaker that feeds the problematic switches and outlets, it would be safer. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your electrical repair.