Los Angeles Electrical Contractors

local electricianWhen something goes wrong with your electrical system, the first person you consider calling to fix the problem is an electrician.

From homeowners to business owners, the terms electrician and electrical contractor seem like the same thing. However, contrary to this popular belief, an electrical contractor is not the same as an electrician. Read on as we discuss the difference between your Los Angeles electrical contractor and electrician.

An electrician is an individual qualified tradesperson. They may be employed by an electrical contractor or become self-employed as an electrical contractor.

Who is an electrical contractor?

An electrical contractor is a business person or firm that provides specialized electrical construction services. They handle the installation and maintenance of electrical systems and are also responsible for making sure these systems work effectively and safely.

Electrical contractors work in any settings such as a residential, commercial or industrial setting. Their work hours vary widely depending on what is needed for a project. Electrical contractors are classified by the type of work they do. They also hold the required licenses and insurance and can employ an electrician/electrical worker. Electrical contractors can also provide input into the design of a project. It’s crucial to help avoid mistakes during their work.

Electrical workers or electricians are not allowed to perform electrical services for the public unless they are under the employment of an electrical contractor.

Job duties of a Los Angeles electrical contractor.

There are several tasks to be completed by an electrical contractor. The overall tasks include design, installation, maintenance, customer service and administrative work. The customer service and administrative work of an electrical contractor often include scheduling appointments with customers, completing regulatory requirements, taxes and permits applications, and so on.

An electrical contractor is also tasked with inspecting electrical equipment, stringing wire, replacing worn electrical parts, bending conduit, lifting heavy objects, electrical repairs, handling high-voltage power transmission and distribution lines, handling low-voltage installations, such as wireless network, telecommunications, security systems, and more.

Electrical contractors coordinate electrical crews and work with other contractors like home builders. They are reliable and take their work seriously as they represent a business or electrical company.

Electricians are independent

While an electrician and electrical contractor can perform some same functions, an electrician remains an individual worker without the license and insurance to provide his/her service to a community.

Hence, electricians often work for electrical contractors, or directly for individuals or companies. You can hire an electrician directly, but to get a reliable, licensed, and insured electrician, you can always go to an electrical contractor.

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