Home Fire Prevention Tips by Los Angeles Electrician

We know we should change the batteries in our smoke detectors when we ‘fall back’ in early November, but there are other things you can do to make your home a little safer by preventing a fire in your home. Some of those things require the help of an electrician in Los Angeles while others can be done on your own. The team at The Electric Connection has some tips for you to make your home a little safer.

1. A working smoke alarm in each room is an excellent idea. The bare minimum should be a smoke alarm on each floor. Consider having a Los Angeles electrician install hard-wired smoke detectors that rely on your home’s power instead of a battery.
2. Keep a working fire extinguisher in the house, preferably near the kitchen where a fire is more likely to occur.
3. Do not leave any pots or pans unattended on the stove.
4. Wipe up any grease spills and keep your stove and oven clean to keep a fire from starting while you are cooking.
5. Pay attention to the outlets in your home. If you notice any black marks, smoking or a burning smell call an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners can prevent electrical fires by being aware.
6. Keep the dryer lint vent clean. Clean behind the dryer as well. Lint is extremely flammable and can quickly ignite with a little heat and a minimal spark.
7. Do not use a space heater if there is not adequate space. A good three feet away from furniture and the wall is ideal.
8. Do not overload the circuits in your home by plugging in multiple devices and appliances.

If you have concerns about the electrical in your home, call The Electric Connection today and ask to have a safety inspection to identify any potential problems.